iljb#136: Falling Forward

I’m disconnected to a few things here and there, but honestly its part of the grind. No one ever said it was going to be easy. No one ever said you had to wait. No one ever said you had to stay here. Where you are now is where you need to be and I believe that. No matter what life throws at you I believe that life does it to toughen your skin and to make you a stronger person. Life is supposed to prepare you for the worst, but right now its just testing how much you can take. I honestly feel like because I’m some what disconnected from a few things that its hurt a few relationships here and there, but to be honest…I can’t fall back…I’ve gotta move forward. With all the great things happening in my life, I can’t stop. I can’t make time for those who can’t make time for me. Things fall into place whether good or bad. People fall into place and even though we sometimes forget fate, she definitely has a funny way of showing up. Lessons here and there. Work here and there. Sometimes waking up to the same routine. But this routine I’ve got going is something I’ve earned. I live for this shit. I will work till the day I die. And I have reason to work. Work for my future, my family, my student loans…my future. This is why I work so hard. I spend like a rock star, but work like a ceo. I gotta make choices each day and these affect/effect the things around me. I look at my face in the mirror – the face of someone tired, but tired not because I’m down/depressed/or anything but happy. I am tired because I know I’ve been working my ass off to be where I need to be. I’ve been falling forward and sometimes when in this motion, you can’t stop. Not even to chill. I’ve been chilling for a while and its time to just work…I’ve been burned by fake folks, I’ve hated those who fucked me over, I’ve loved those who I loved. All in all its about that falling forward that make each moment count/worth it…Forward…

One Comment to “iljb#136: Falling Forward”

  1. Woow so intense lol! Take care buddy.

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