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June 9, 2008

summer begins with me

summer has begun and i cant even begin to start how crazy my summer has been so far. after core retreat i was like “FOREAL?” haha drinks after drinks nights after nights of drugs LOL haha whip its and salvia man…not good for me…not good for anyone. but i guess it was all fun…lol hahah thats what sucks about drugs…some if not most…you wont be able to see the effects until later years…or months. 

so im part of this new crew called its very exciting cause its a new grassroot site where pilipinos like myself get to express their thoughts, experiences, and voice through a pilipino perspective. its tight, my article is up ahha. i never thought youtube could be an advantage 😀 haha it reminds me of my inet days. awwwwww i miss those days 😛 haha inet families and all that shit… i wonder if those still exist? …so i just checked and leilei is still doing her thang 😀 haha crzy femalethreat hahah…nice

she inspires me…mmm THINKbox << design idea? haha anyway…we’ll see…ill finish this later…