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May 26, 2010

iljb#112: I thought …

This is how I feel right now, but I thought of Mary in particular LOL

May 24, 2010

iljb#111: DONE DONE…kinda…

GRADUATION WAS WONDERFUL…check my facebook for pix…

I can party and hang out now…

but after I do my final 20 page paper LOL 😀

May 19, 2010

iljb#110: GRADUATING is hard =[

I think I fucked myself over with saying that I could work this week. FUCK…I could have used all that time to do this paper that I need to do, however, its my fault that I havent even began to touch the paper. I think its just my senioritis kickin in HELLA BAD. I mean, granted I have until monday of next week, but honestly WHEN am I gonna do that paper. I gotta make some decisions, unfortunately I’m making poor ones as we speak =X. Regardless, I’m a hustler and without a doubt, I will make sure that I’ll be on top of this within the next few hours. Today really does matter in how much I get done with my paper, I cannot afford to slack more than I already have…haha funny thing is I’m blogging as we speak :P. This paper reminds me of my own paper senior year about depression and ironically I was to depressed to do my paper. This time around my paper is youtube and ironically its the reason why I can’t begin my paper. LAME. HOW CAN I WRITE HELLA on a blog, but can’t begin my own paper. I guess ITS A BEAUTIFUL DAY TO WORRY and I know god has my back! 😀 THINGS will work out and I will make this happen! 😀

GRADUATION isn’t a reality for me yet, however its approaching so fast! :X ahhhh I’m almost done and its fucking amazing and scary at the same time. HOME STRETCH JOAQUIN, come on focus!

May 16, 2010

iljb#109: TRUE

I keep saying “What up doe!” for no reason LOL haha where’d I get that phrase. Anywaywho…this week is crunch time. All I gotta say is, I’m ready to tackle this, I just gotta plan accordingly =]

I graduate this week =]

May 11, 2010

iljb#108: I figured I’d write before I do my paper…lol

This crazy year is winding down and I am completely taken by surprise. A lot of the things that have happen in the past week has just been a rush of emotions and without a doubt is more than I could have ever asked for. Ask a graduating senior what they feel they have accomplished these past years leading to this moment and some might just say getting that degree. For me, I have a list of accomplishments that I am so grateful to have experienced and done. To that, I say – I am graduating with TRUE HONORS. I don’t need no cord, no cap and gown, nor a diploma (haha actually I do) to tell me what I did these past years at SFSU made a difference.

To all the HATERS and there is just one LMAO (jp…but no really though). Your commitment to keep me in your heart, mind, and soul every step of the way makes me realize that I will be okay and that you have learned nothing your past years in college – especially from professors like Tito Dan. Folks don’t know how to let go of a grudge and some folks continue to be the ASS that they grew to embrace. With that said, I love you/I’m sorry/but I forgive you all at the same time. And I promise you, you will be the last thing on my mind on graduation day. And if you are reading this – thank you for admiring my thoughts and opinions. I took care of business – you obviously have a long way to go.

To my friends, I think its obvious – this journey has been filled with obstacles that all of us have pushed through and come out as better people. I can’t thank you enough. Thank you for understanding that I am complex – but through all the complexity – you have given me love – that is all I could ask for.

I can’t believe this is it yal…this my last days here in this annex…this is my last everything of school…its such a pain, but trust once its over I’ll be like HOLY SHIT I miss it. I have a future ahead of me and I can’t sit here and wait for that future to come alive. I am going to UCLA and I will do what I can to get there. I will get that W so I can retain my GPA. I will make sure this paper for my class will be something I am proud of.

In about 13 more days…I will be an

Alumni of San Francisco State University.

May 10, 2010

ilbj#107: FUTURE

May 2, 2010

iljb#106: BULLSHIT

Will blog more about it later…but for now…LOVE SUX