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September 14, 2009

iljb#49: I’m … excited?

Monday Video Kick Off (MV Kick Off):

I LAUGHED hella…and I was in the annex. LOL haha


I must say, Oprah deserves it! She looked so happy that it made me HAPPY =]. I loved every min of this. =] It makes me want to do it for FilGrad…right Ster? LOL. But seriously, W O W. LOL

– – – – –

There was so much shit going down this weekend that it has been too crazy to update everything, but I decided to check in and blog before I get into hw because there is so much. I first want to say…FML lol I have hella shit to do. Second, OMG WOW hahahaha. I’m so excited for this semester because I am extremely busy…I am involved in so many things that I’m excited because I can do it.

It kind of just made me forget about my BIG FAIL at the airport this morning…its okay though hahah =]. SIGH.

I love life. I’m grateful I’m young. Things are making it all worth while for my last fall semester =].

THE end…cause I realize FUCK I do have hella shit to get on. lol

I’m in LIKE with a CUTE BOY =] haha