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October 11, 2008

Fierce! Ooo SHA

This will be the day that I turn REAL GAY! (LOL LOOK AT THAT ASIAN GIRL LMAO) They’re parents must be sooo proud that they’re sons are hoochii mamas LOL. hahahahahah this wasn’t from last night, but I did see them after ahhaha they are sooo fierce! hahah Okay…so gay FUZ (I say fuz not foouz) haha, was alright. I was so tipsy haha, not drunk, but tipsy. I was kinda like gagging! blah! Anyway, it was cool…I was dancing with random folks, but mostly friends. HAHAH this girl I grinded on – came outta the cuts haha. And this guy was like, “doesn’t this remind you of before” and I was all UGH why you gotta kill the moment! STUPID. Then there was this girl who was like, “HEYY I got to SF State too, you see my friend OMG hes hella feeling you go over there” while pulling my arm. I WAS ALL NEGRO NO! lol hahaha ughhhh I already knew the person haha he had no shame that night real talk, he just went for the kill and was like BAM! My friends are funny, it really was a spontaneous time last night. I really wasn’t expecting to go. Maybe at like 8pm I was all…ok…I’m going. haha CAUSE FRIGGIN ALL OF THEM WERE. Even Mary and Terri and MARKKK DIAO! Like foreal. HAHA OMG..tell my why Mark was hekka grinding on me I WAS ALL PILIPINO PLEASE! LMAO hahahah omg…it was crazy. I saw JP girate (sp lol) his booty on Mary and hella folks. HAHAH. Then I saw Emerson try to get at JP HAHAH Ohhh PROJECT EM! *rolls eyes* LOL HAHAA. OH and Frandel YOU WAS A HOT MESS HAHAHAH all naked and on the floor shaking yo nasty ass. HELLO INTERNS! LOL HAHA. Then there was this girl who was like, “AWW you’re ilikejoaquin, I wanna give you a hug.” LOL WHOA. hahaha then this guy, “Oh yeah, you was that guy that did that video…I watched it.” AHHAHA OMG…hahahaha WOW. hahah okay….cool? haha I’m sooo famous *rolls eyes* haha (I can’t wait for Britney Spears new video HAHA) 

Why do I have to always stick out my tongue when I dance one someone UGHHHHH I HATE IT! hahahahah -_- and why was I dancing to begin with? HAHAHAHAHAHA

Then there was this guy who was telling his bf or whatever he was, “ARE YOU GOING TO FRIENDSHIP GAMES?” and I’m thinking….that is the randomness thing to say at a club, but I guess he was saying it cause I was around them. LIKE PILIPINO PLEASE lol. Then when the club was over, there was this guy who was like talking to his friend saying, “OHH Pinoy in Motion” I was like you are hella high school…he was talking about me cause thats my sn. UGHHHH…STUPID. GAY FOLKS ARE STUPID sometimes…full of dumbass actions. Speaking of which -_- ugh…I ain’t gonna lie, I wanted to say wassup, but shrugs things didn’t permit I guess…They did wanna beat yo ass or fight a man if they saw you (but I really think thats all talk), but I on the other hand just wanted a friendly wassup. Shrugs. Its koo though, in time. 

Then we fucking all go to Dennys…UGHHHHHHH the longest fucking time ever there…we fucking stay there till like 5 -_- and I have to drive home. I so surprised we like got back safe…I fucking fell asleep hella times driving to SF. SHIT! -_-


POINT of this blog…people were fierce and they got it! haha OhhhhSHAAAA’


PS. Thank you to all those who comment, read, whatever you do on this blog…I would comment back, but some of yal just leave emails lol. WELL yeah…its hekka not like xanga =/ boo hahahah