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August 15, 2009

iljb#44: Family Business & Then Sum…

I just want to say first and foremost that these past few weeks in my life have been amazing and have been life changing. I’ve gained a better outlook on life and have gained a better respect for me. What I mean by respect is that, I’ve really taken care of myself these couple of weeks and it has been amazing. I feel so good and I feel like its well deserved. I noticed that I used to complain about life, tweet FML a lot, and just be really negative. However, with my new attitude, I have definitely cut that from my system and I am more positive and more hopeful for my future.

My list that I continue to write on my notebook keeps getting bigger. I feel so organized for this fall that I don’t think anything can fuck it up but me. I am just so grateful for just being alive and being able to be here with my family.

On to the business.

My mom, sister, and I went to the car dealership once again today (Nissan) to try to get a car. Well it actually was way more faster and efficient today that I almost peed in my pants because I thought I was going to drive out with a new car, however, credit scores affected us getting the car and we ended up going home without one. BUT a lesson that I learned that stuck with me today is to really trust my mom and what she says. Pilipino moms are really blunt and sometimes just rude – example – my mom. She was really haggling with the dude to lower the price of 400 a month to 275. She got 280. At first I was like, “WOW I don’t want to do this anymore.” cause I felt how my mom was doing her business was rude and really just negative from how I saw things. But as she later explained, “Joaqui, I have 30 years of experience, you need to remember that. This is how you get what you want.” I kind of just sat back and pondered at what my mom said. She was right once again. It just bugged me because I never saw my mom haggle and well I guess thats how you haggle…shes fucking good if I might say so myself. But yeah, she taught me an important lesson today – if you want something real bad – you have to work to get it – no exceptions. She was telling the dealer, “Alright, I’m going to give you one last chance take it or leave it 275…wait 280. If you come back and its still 300, forget it!” Thats my mom in business mode. She got what she wanted, she stood firm.

Even though we ended up not having a new car, kind of wasted a sunny day indoors, I had more of an appreciation to my mom in how she wanted to “give me an early birthday present” and even though her tactics to getting what she wanted was annoying to me, she did her best to get the car. That in itself just made me smile and well be grateful I have a mom like her. I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I was disappointed, but that “car” issue is the last of my worries. I swear my attitude has just really help me to have patience and understanding.

My brother pissed me off though, his exact words to me last night was, “How you expect to pay for that car when you can’t even pay for dinner.” I was like wow you fucking bitch. But I understand why he’d say such a thing…he’s broke himself. But it just irritated me that fuck I’m getting my grind on up in SF, with a job, and trying to help the family at the same time (SOON) and he has the nerve to say shit like that. Its like, foo you don’t know what I’ve been through these past 5 years since I left for college. I mean fuck, you still think I like anime and call me every time to your room with that “its important” kind of gesture to me. To add, just how he talks to my mom is fucking irritating. Its like no respect man. If I learned anything from SFSU, its that to appreciate your family – my mom most importantly. Its crazy to see how much I’ve changed and how much my relationship to my mom has changed. I reminisce the times where I did talk back to my mom and just yell at her, I sure didn’t know what I was doing – ha I thought I did.

Mothers know best and my mom knows best. It was like a moment in a movie where the mom goes and tells me, “He’s taking it out on me cause he just had a hard day.” I’m like OKAY wow, don’t take it out on you! Shit, I really don’t have a problem with stepping up to my brothers when they disrespect my mom like that. O HELL to the fucking no!

So that basically just irritated me last night, but its ok…he means well.

So I just had dinner with the fam – and well it was nice =] I love them. I had such a great dinner by my brother who pissed me off LOL hahahahahahahah you swear I haven’t eaten for days…ahhhhhhhh :X Anywho … I guess thats all I want to blog about my fam. Shrugs…