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November 16, 2009

iljb#71: RE: Outrage in Washington over Obama’s Japan bow

First off, what bullshit:

“We don’t defer to emperors. We don’t defer to kings or emperors. Thepresident of the United States — this coupled with so many apologies from the United States — is just another thing,” said Bennett.

I’m sorry conservatives, but yal need to get off your high horses and stop criticizing your president. The man showed respect to an emperor of Japan and ANY leader will show respect to another leader no matter what country they are from. Stop thinking that just because he bowed to an emperor that it shows American leaders as weak – if anything it shows respect. And to respond to this comment:

“I’ll bet if you look at pictures of world leaders over 20 years meeting the emperor in Japan, they don’t bow,” Kristol said.

Yeah those presidents also weren’t of mix heritage either. So please, stop criticizing Obama for his gestures that deem to make America seem weak. IF you ask me, I personally think that America is weak if you gotta colonize a country, show force, authority, and be in control of a country not theirs. THAT IS WEAK! Oh wait…I think America has a history of doing that right? WAKE UP WASHINGTON, YOU AINT SHIT – AND IF YOU THINK YOU ARE – THEN YOU NEED A RUDE AWAKENING.

Obama has spoke to the people – spoke to leaders in a way that makes them feel like equals. Equals that are able to talk civil without putting their “president card” on the table. MMMM Obama didn’t win the Noble Peace Prize for nothing. SO SHUT THE FUCK UP WASHINGTON with your conservative bullshit. Instead of criticizing Obama, why don’t you criticize your own policies and views that affect those right in your district, state, country. You want to cap on the president for a bow? How about I criticize the fact that many conservatives don’t listen to the people, but rather tell the people what THEY THINK is right for their district and state. PLEASE don’t get me started.

ITS A SIGN OF RESPECT, but if you want to criticize respect or define respect, I suggest you start with your own! LEAVE OBAMA ALONE – SHIT! He has a lot to fix considering your PRESIDENT before him fucked us up and left a whole mess to clean.

SO PLEASE, if anything, the real outrage is how the politicians in Washington don’t know the difference between being a president and being a visitor in someone elses country.