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August 14, 2009

Spotlight Edition: Alister Alarva


This is a picture of a recent photoshoot Alister Alarva and friends did at Dolores Park. It was such a gloomy and windy day that we weren’t sure how things were going to pan out, but ZANG – I must say, this photoshoot is on point.

This marks my first “Spotlight Edition” on sfstateofmind and I think its fitting. This picture just made my day and it just captures a wonderful photoshoot concept. Alister Alarva has been capturing moments since freshman year (as far as I remember), but it wasn’t until a few years ago that Alister began doing legit photoshoots. Out of our group of friends he is the MAIN MAN behind the lens. He captures moments and creates masterpieces. His unique style in photography sets him apart from other photographers. He truly does have a gift and he is using it!

As summer is slowly ending, Alister Alarva is still continuing to book more clients/friends to add on to his portfolio. On a personal note, I only see big and greater things for this guy. He is truly an amazing artist in his craft and I want you (and you Alister) to know that I appreciate your craft.

Check out more of his photoshoots on his Zenfolio @ HERE. I am proud to call this guy my friend and even more proud to see his continued success in his art!

Stay tuned, Alister Alarva has only just begun!