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April 13, 2010

iljb#101: 100 wasn’t as epic as I wanted it to be. lol

So today marks a new day. A fresh beginning. A …start of sorts. I woke up this morning feel good and feel like I was unstoppable. Maybe because I didn’t go to work – but regardless, its a nice sunny day outside and Whitney Houston is helping me sing “one of those days”. Where I am in life right now is amazing. Possibilities arise and my future looks bright. Even though I’m busy with PCN, FilGrad, Project Connect, PACE, …I wish school, Friends, and everything else – I manage to reflect to myself that this is my last year in college and I’m going to miss it A LOT. I spent my whole life at school where as others spent half or less of that. I guess you could say…I’m active lol. But thats just it…I never was just …doing nothing…doing me…thats why this year when I finally graduate I can say that my FUTURE is unstoppable because I have so many dreams for myself that I want to create.

I want to move to SoCal and the more I say it I know it’ll be a reality. I am moving. I’m going to say goodbye to the yay and say hayyy SoCal. Folks have already asked if I have a plan…I don’t, but I know with the skills I’ve obtained I will utilize them to make a plan. I just know things will work out. With this positivity on my side…I can. Folks can run their mouths and tell me how busy they are or how stressed they are, but all you gotta do is look at my calendar and see – fuck…you ain’t playing. YUP…I ain’t playing with the fact that I am on my grind…I hustle…and I do what I can and try to do my best. Shit I didn’t even have to work hard to hustle 17 tickets for the Warriors where other folks were just having trouble finding two or one to buy the tickets…shows a lot about what I can do with my future…

One day…so very soon. I’m going to make it big. And I ain’t talking about youtube, I ain’t talking about being famous, but big meaning just successful in life. For all those who left, for all those who laughed in my face, for all those who didn’t believe my vision, I will be able to one day finally say…FUCK YOU – I did it without you! I got this comment on facebook from an old friend about me trying to hang out with someone…

“that wont happen..he’s “too good” for his high school friends. i kid i kid..”
“what?? dont call me a bitch when it’s true. look at all the times i try to reach out to you, of all those times i’ve seen you once!”

These people who say shit like this don’t have a clue on what I go through on a daily basis, what I’m trying to create, what I’m trying to do. YES, I stay with the people I am close with at STATE, but thats because I am graduating and they know what I’m going through…unlike for this one…she comes in out of no where wanting to hang out, but not realizing I am not the same person that I was in HS. I’m more grown up with grown up responsibilities. I’m talking about tough shit…and you can just rewind 5 years of my life in just one hang out. I’m sorry if I’ve been busy for A LOT of people in my life…but if you took the time to see or hear me out in what I do…you’ll realize my life is bigger than my own…so I didn’t respond to her, because I didn’t need to prove anything to her – TO ANYONE. I made it without you.

I know I posted this, but this is exactly what I feel.

I reflect and I say…maybe thats why I haven’t made it so big on youtube yet cause I have been making it big in the real world. 😀 haha HOLLAH =] hahaha

Anyway…I think I did this post justice and well this 101 feels like its really my 100th post 😀

Happy ilikejoaquin Blog Celebration =]

April 5, 2010

iljb#97: Moving … on?

It just happens that I stumbled on this when I searching for the next picture to post. Mmmm its destiny talking huh?

I guess I’m feeling tired, nostalgic, hopeful, and just dreamy all in one tonight. After talking to Mary about the past, present, and future, I determined for myself that moving is a big step and is a possibility. Right after I graduate – I can potentially save 7,000 alone with work…how amazing would this be? How awesome? This is the sacrifice I must take if I want to move to SoCal. I got to set my life straight before I head out into territory unknown. I graduate next month and its too close for comfort to realize all my dreams are sooo close. I look at my calendar and it is definitely time crunch, but my body is shutting down on me.

I can’t help but wish that I had someone in my life I could share my troubles, hopes, dreams, whatever with…that was Danny…but that was a fail right…most definitely. I can’t help but just backtrack a lil on the hopeless relationships I’ve been in. Regardless, *BIG SIGH* I have so much to look forward to in life…I just need to rest up and conserve my energy. FUCK…I don’t think I’m going to do any hw…I’m so fucking tired…

ANYWAY, I am blessed each day that I am given the chance to live. I am blessed that god has yet to condemn me to hell for all my pitiful sins…that hes given me a second chance and he forigives. I just need a little more reassurance Lord that you will help heal me, be there at my most uncertainty, guide me to the road I need to take. I do all this HELP/ADVICE/YOUTUBE/TALKS to all these people. Friends, strangers, people I know, people who I’ve met only once…but sometimes…I just spread myself and advice too thin that I don’t have enough strength to take my own.

Its rare that I feel like I’ve gotten advice out of no where…and advice that doesn’t regard me being sad…just random advice…its rare…

But what can I do…its who I am. I live for this shit…

MOVING… yeah….

I’m moving on from you, this, and that…cause you’ve stopped me before in living my life…I’ve stopped…now I gotta just move on…

March 31, 2010

iljb#94.5: Thinking…

Before I was going to bed, I read a youtubers message to me on mail about advice in coming out. ITS soooo crazy how folks ask me all these advice, questions, concerns that they have just because…I dunno…its me…lol Well then again, I rather have them go to be than none at all…but its crazy what youtube has done for me…its connected me with so sooo many people good and bad, but all in all its just been an experience that really is unique. What person is able to wake up every day to find a new connection, subscriber, comment, something from a random stranger who lives across the globe. You know what I mean?

I guess it goes to show, that even though I don’t vlog much as I used to or talk about the “GAY” things that count…I’m still able to connect back and reply with my 2 cents…its nice that I can…have the opportunity to help a persons life…SHIT I knew I wasn’t able to have that when I was coming up…fuck LOL…

I guess I feel good…thats it…its sweet and flattering…

February 22, 2010

iljb#86: Can’t focus…

I really can’t focus. I need – er – I have so much to take care of…I guess being in my room makes me yawn more and just want to just say fuck it…I’m going to sleep. I HONESTLY need to snap out of it. I just have no motivation to get all my shit done…I need to do this list that I’ve been meaning to do…but damnit….I’m just procrastinating. I have way too much to take care of…

yes its my fault…

FOCUS…I can’t.

February 8, 2010

ildd#3: One step closer…

I guess I’ve been a sucker for these couple of weeks in watching movies that relate to my situation right now like Good Luck Chuck or just conversations I’ve been having. I guess its one step closer to realizing that that ONE person…might just appear out of no where unexpectedly. I’ve already turned down two guys who’ve poured their heart to me – not because I don’t like them, but because they live way far from me. Also, one was an ex and one was just a fuck buddy of sorts. I guess its Gods way of testing me to see if I’d break and if I had learned my lesson. Well God. I passed. =D. So with that said I feel like I’m one step closer to finding, being, letting my self just BE LOVED by someone who cares. Like Chuck said, he loved her so much that he had to let her go…I’ll take that Chuck…I know I’m going to be that next guy for that person because I’m not really looking looking for someone like I’ve been all my life. I’ve just been focusing on school, work, and most importantly friends and family. I guess thats how life is supposed to be right. Its been two weeks already and I feel good about it. Lets hope that it works. All things happen for a reason…I’m where I am because this is where I need to be.

Sometimes when I’m at work I pretend that a customer is one day just going to come up to me and say, HEY you’re that guy from youtube…I was wondering if you’d grab a lil coffee with me while I wait…whens your lunch? And that guy would be really cute and really sweet. Then I’d take my break and realize I stumbled across a good one…sweet and adorable. But he’d have to leave to go to NYC, but he said he’d come back for me in two weeks. Two weeks =].

I’m ok with not having a Valentines. Really this time.

February 3, 2010

iljb#82: Hard times

Well folks I am officially carless because someone decided to be CARELESS when doing an oil filter change. Great my engine is fried and now I have to manage myself getting to and from work. -___- an additionally stress that I knew was going to come, but I wished it didn’t come today. Well I guess that just adds to the list of FMLs for Joaquin this new year. Thankfully, I am taking every bit of set backs with ease. I mean it wasn’t my fault that I chose a cheaper oil change all the way in Palo Alto instead the ones in Daly City…UGH. Well nevertheless, whats done is done and the damage is irreversable. FUCK MY LIFE. To top things off, I’ve been stressing about graduation and my masters application. Did I mention coordinating this ETHS 210 class. I know I put so much on my plate, but I live for this. Oh having this office job at Project Connect is a hugeeeeeee pain just because I have to coordinate so much with so many people. Mario leaves tomorrow and after that…its history. The office however looks good. Man…I started this week with a suicide out my window…was this a foreshadowing of how the rest of my week was going to be…I mean really…

Thinking of a significant other would be ideal, but to be honest…where do I fit that in my schedule…I mean shit…I can’t even fit sleep for myself. So I guess its a good thing that I’m just focused right? Maybe this masters student thing…isn’t for me right now…maybe I should just work and get my shit together…yeah…FilGrad has begun and its already been an exciting experience. Wouldn’t it be cute if one of the straight looking guys in FilGrad ended up being a fucking DOWN LOW guy. LOL I’d have a trip…then he’d like come up to be and be like…hey wanna makibaka shakalaka LOL hahaha…my mind wanders =X haha go figure.

February 3, 2010

ildd#2: The TEXT

So I guess this guy texts me saying hi. I look at the number on my phone and I have no idea who it is. I text back saying hi. He texts back saying its been a long time since we’ve talked. Apparently, I am unaware of this encounter so I reply, who is this? He tells me his name. I still can’t recall who it is so I just play it off by saying Oh hey whats up. We end up texting each other small talk until I ask…where are you from? He says the city. I then try real hard to figure out who this guy was. Is it someone I messed around with? An old friend? Someones friend of a friend. Is is someone who I don’t like? I then ask one more time, who is this. He then says, I’m an old aquantance. We never met before, but we did talk a lot on aim and you helped me a lot with stuff. I then smile, but then get concered…I text…so how’d you get this number? He texts me with his answer. I then reply…oh alright…He then says he needs to go but he’ll talk to me later. I go…oh okay.

Three days later I get a call from the same number. I answer. Hello? The voice on the other end says hi its me. I hesitate then remember, oh hey whats up. He then asks me simply – can we meet up? I then laugh and say whoa I ain’t like that. He quickly says its not that, I don’t want to mess around, I just want to finally meet you. My head is spinning with the idea, but realize how crazy it was. I reply um…I’m sorry I’m busy and well I don’t really feel comfortable in doing that. He then replies ok. He then says he needs to go. We hang up.

Thats how it started and thats how it ended.

January 31, 2010

ilikeDAYdreams#1: Poleng Guy

*PS. excuse my tenses in this blog. lol I’m all over the place with it haha.

I want to just be able to just breathe in all of the beauty that you exude. I want to be able to feel the sensation of your love. I want to be able to trust that you and I were meant to be.

I want that romantic moment and I’m still waiting for it. I’ve had a small taste of what it could be like and I guess I jumped the gun when I did because it felt so good. Those movie moments which make us all go crazy. Those unexpected moments that make us go “hmmm” and then leave us smiling because it was nice.

So I guess last night I was fantasying my “guy” at Poleng – I knew it was to good to be true, but it didn’t hurt to dream. I spotted the guy that was wearing a white sweater who was bald with a line up. I guess I spotted him because he was well dressed and clean. He kept walking around the bar and I would find it odd running into him. There was a point where we were so close to each other that I sniffed if he had a scent.

I was excited and I wanted to just – ask him if he was. It would have been nice if he was – then he could have bumped into me and said something along the lines of, “Hey…I’m not sure if you’re…but…I’m guessing you are…I was wondering if I could buy you a drink.” and after all that was said that night – that sentence would be the last thing I remember. He would be discrete about it to not bring too much attention – he’d motion me to sit down at the table and drink. He’d say something along the lines of “I saw you when I walked in…and you looked familiar…but I guess you caught my attention.” I then would start to get red and then smile. The loud music, people walking by, and the environment would just fade in the background as I just focus on him in front of me.

We would talk about where we’re from and find that we have similar interest and know similar people. I’d find out he wasn’t too much in the scene, but knows enough about it. He’d wink at me and smile and I’d joke with him by saying, “Something wrong with your eye?” and he’d laugh and say, “Aw like that? haha…you’re cute.” He’d then have to leave for a bit because his homies are asking him for a shot. I told him I’d catch him later while I find my own friends.

20 mins later I find myself dancing to a classic with my group…straight in my direction I spot my guy. Dancing like he was a professional from ABDC. His swag and his moves would be so entertaining that I’d forget about the person I was dancing with. He looks at my direction and then winks again from a far. He notices that I’m watching him.

After the song ends he slowly moves towards my direction…he brushes his shoulder against mine and smoothly clench my hand then walks to the bar. I smile and continue what I was doing…

The night ends and I don’t see him anymore. I start to head towards the exit sad that I can’t find him. Suddenly, he appears in front of me and smiles. He hands me a piece of paper…its his number.


December 31, 2009


Year 2010 Overview

Whew! Feel that enormous burden sliding off of your shoulders, like you’ve been carrying around an overstuffed backpack for the last couple of years? That would be Saturn, planet of structures and limitation, moving out of your sign. Congratulations, first of all, on having simply made it through more or less in one piece. You passed through the fire and made it out the other side.

Now, what to do with that spiritual Medal of Honor you’ve earned? Well, for one thing, establish who it is you really are with both yourself and those around you. Your ability to quietly endure both the big and little outrages of life have served you well in the last couple of years, and many of those around you may have come to assume that either it wasn’t as rough on you as it was, or that you are somehow made of steel. In fact, you may have come to the same conclusion yourself. Virgo has a reputation for being able to take care of others with the best of them — but can you turn that same care and attention on yourself? That’s the big question you’ll be facing in 2010.

The good news (beyond simply less bad news) is that there will be all kinds of opportunities opening up for you in new directions as far as fun, recreation and romance. So take advantage of those whenever you can. You’ve earned it!

December 18, 2009

iljb#78: =/

$352 and then some…

Just looking at the debt that I have…I dunno =./ this xmas isn’t look great at all.
I’m just sad because I know once new years kicks in all the hard work I did will all go to rent again…then I’ll have to wait 2 more weeks for another check and my bills will keep coming because I haven’t paid shit…my parking is getting ridiculously high =/ so is my BOA card…shit…

I dunno…I guess its a reason why I’m not doing a lot of things with friends this time around. Its like how can I give to folks if I can’t even give to myself. Yeah know? I’m just struggling everyday to just make it…=/ luckily I got that bonus…but thats all going to bills…

Merry Xmas Joaquin…sigh =/ it makes me sad that this is the 2nd year that I feel this way about xmas, however the first year that I really just don’t care for it…how can I be in a holiday mood if there’s nothing to really be jolly about.

You wanna talk about who has it hard? Shit…come and sit down with me…I’ll tell you ALL about it. =/


December 18, 2009

iljb#77: Getting back to BASICS

I guess I had to go through the most fucked up month, endure the most hurtful weeks, and take in the days that came to fully regain a sense of myself – who I was before all this was. Remembering the strength I had before he came a long, before fixed friendships, before family drama, before school hit. Remembering the strength I had is something euphoric right now and I’m trying to basque in its memory.

Remember your worth – I kept reminding myself this all through the summer and all through the beginning of school. Since I’ve forgotten that along the way, I now remember why its important. If he don’t like you, can’t handle “this” thing you’re putting out, can’t hang – then shit wasn’t worth the time in the end. Take it for what it is and move on – remembering your worth before 2009 ends is muy importante.

Courage and strength – Remember that you have a voice and that voice is powerful. No matter what may come your way, stand your ground. If you don’t like it – say something. If you’re sad, pissed, depressed, happy, whatever – DO IT and be proud doing it. Not many people will realize this until later on – but you know it now…remember your courage and strength. YOU ARE SUPERMAN!

Forgive – Whatever happened in the past happened for a reason – move on now because life is to short to be wasting on unhappy thoughts. Remember to attain your goal, you must be happy. But you can’t be happy unless you let go of all those negative nancies. Forgiveness is hard, but truth be told, one who forgives is the happiest of all.

Happiness in me – When it comes down to it, you can only rely on yourself and no one else. You can make yourself sad – but you have the power to make yourself happy. DO JUST THAT – be happy and actually BE happy. Things could be worse. Its in you – you just have to find it again.

The basics…I’m realizing that maybe I was ready to settle down…but I guess it was a good thing that I didn’t. I have so many dreams and goals…that I guess if he ain’t there to witness them then shit…I guess it wasn’t worth it. I’ll be okay…I’m okay. Even though its been only 2 days since I’ve talked to him – its been hard…

Mornings aren’t the same…neither are night times…afternoons are dull…eh…but it goes to show I was dependent on him…I gave it my best 100% and I have no shame.

Lets get back…get it all back…

December 14, 2009

iljb#76: Its harder than it looks.

I guess the day after hurts more than the actual moment. Today was a bit rough – slow start – but nevertheless rough. I couldn’t help but think that I was told, “…for right now, its better that we’re just friends.” I guess…I’m still confused about what that means because the past few months that we did talk…we were friends first – the attraction and affection came second…so I’m not sure what to feel or how to act right now…These confessions of mine are often buried and are often unknown to many, but I’m letting it out right now…because it hurts to much to be kept inside. Its harder than it looks…but I’ll manage…I always do.

It started off with me driving to Emeryville to meet him. I was so excited cause I haven’t seen him for over a month. It was so exciting because I finally was going to see him (I joked around about not being able to remember how he looked like). As I was driving I thought about the first thing that I would do. I would get out of my car, see him, hug and spin him as I say I missed you so much…When I parked…I saw him, I hugged him…but I guess I didn’t get the same in return when I come to think of it. His arms were to his side as I wrapped mine around them…I thought to myself…damn…this is what I get after not seeing you for over a month…I guess – and I figured…after knowing each other for a quite some time now, his PDA worries would have died…I mean…when I’m with him – the world suddenly stops and its just me and him…its been like that since I started to talk to him.

We walked like “friends” into the Public Market trying to find what to eat…I didn’t want to it, but I guess I gave in…we sat down…and I was so flustered for some reason…I didn’t know where my head was at…I guess I was just overwhelmed with him being in front of me…hes so beautiful…his smile…I guess he caught me spacing off and was like, “wtf?”, but I apologized and said I had so much to say that I forgot all of em…he nodded his head like usually.

Before we headed to the movies, we started to make out…It felt so good, but I felt like something was holding him back…I guess it felt like he didn’t want to do it, but I just figured that was just him being him…but we ended up just messing around and for that moment I felt so good that we were together…we were spending time with one another…I just missed his body next to mine. After…I was smiling as I said, “Damn that was hot.” I was so excited cause it was exciting. He on the other hand acted like he did something very bad and was ashamed about it…I asked him what was wrong, but he just replied that he was just tired…He said that the last time something like this happened because something was bothering him…I should have taken note of that…But I genuinely thought he was tired…so we just went on our way. I paid for his movie ticket…he didn’t seem to have any hesitation in letting me, I guess I wanted to buy it for him – even though I should have made him pay…I’m really broke…but I figured – I don’t put limits into the dude I’m talking to…if anything I’ll find ways to make it work no matter what. I’m just thankful he said thank you…last time I paid…he didn’t even say thank you.

We sat down and I started to hold his hand…but I felt like he was being distant…I dunno…I thought that was just him, but…I thought since we hadn’t seen each other he’d be more affectionate…more loving? But he was distant…leaning on the other side of the seat rather than closer to me…even holding his hand seemed like a task…but I guess I let it slide cause I didn’t want to push it…I guess thats just him I told myself…We watched Princess and the Frog and it was a really cute movie…I kept on thinking about him throughout the movie…telling myself…he’s my prince…and I’m so happy that I’m next to him…

The movie ended and we started to walk back to the car. We were conversing about how good the movie was and all that. I wanted to tell him that he was my Evangeline but something inside me told me not to say it…so I didn’t. He told me he needed coffee so we went and got coffee. We roamed around Boarders after awhile…he hit the kids section and he was telling me about how he wants to get a new book for his kids (he takes care of kids). I said why not make your own book and share with your kids what you made. He paused and smiled saying he’d like that. He was telling about this stuff animal that he found and it was a character from Dinsey – similar to Dora – and I was looking at the price thinking in my head that I’ll get it for him since he was so thrilled about it…but I kept that in the back of my head…Christmas is coming up soon right?

So we ended up in the car and he started off with a strange statement, “So how was your day?” and I was like…wtf? Then he followed it with, “So what are you doing.” and I knew then that something was up…I asked him if he had something on his mind…and he said he did. To be honest…my heart was racing because I was excited and scared…is he going to ask me out? He eased the conversation by saying, “So I’ve been thinking…like what are we doing…what are we…where are we going with this…?” My excitement soon turned into disbelief…is he breaking up with me? (too bad we were never together and we’ve only been talking for 3 months as “friends”) He then explained how he feels like since he broke up with his ex a few months back that he’s never felt single…or experienced being single. He was saying that he just hasn’t had that independence.

I couldn’t look at him while he talked to me because my body was shaking inside from the disbelief of hearing what was coming out of his mouth…He was telling me that he likes me a lot and he doesn’t wanna lose me, but at the same time he wants his independence and this chance to work on himself. WORK on himself? I just was in shock…I didn’t know how to react…I was quiet for the most part…He replied…”Please say something…” Well…what the hell do you say after 3+ months of talking and you spring this shit up…Me and him have never gotten into an argument and we’ve been a good couple – something I really cherished…so him saying this is like an unexpected earthquake…shocking…He got emotional telling me that I’m different…I listen to him and I make him feel like he has something to say…He was telling me his ex’s, family, and best friend don’t even do that…It was at this moment that I extended my hand to him…I was trying to not cry and get emotional…I guess be strong for the both of us…

I guess what got to me is the fact that…we mess around earlier…and he nodded saying yeah…he didn’t want to do that…but it just happened…he couldn’t help it…he missed me…He also explained that he wanted to just be distant, but it was hard…He also admitted that when we was rude or being mean to me throughout the time…it was because of his frustration of what he was feeling about our relationship. He didn’t want to drag it any longer…and said that he wanted to meet up tonight to tell me. He wanted to meet me at my apt and hang out instead of Emeryville…but he knew that was a bad idea. He continued saying that he knows he could do better…in treating me right, but its like he doesn’t have his shit together…I guess? I dunno I’m still confused about that…

He said that he just wants us to just be friends…but its like we were friends minus me saying I miss you…so thats what I wasn’t totally upset…he didn’t show affection that much in the relationship…but I thought of that as something we could work on together in the process…he said he knows guys want me and he feels like he shouldn’t be the reason that I shouldn’t pursue them…but its like…I don’t want them…I want you…I’ve wanted you ever since I met you…You’re more than I could ever ask for…it just doesn’t make sense…I don’t want to get to know folks…he was telling me that he doesn’t want me to wait…but its like shit I’ll wait to get your shit together because I know WE work well…He continued saying…I still want to spend new years with you and go to that basketball game with you if you’ll let me…but in my head I’m just like wtf…ugh…its not the same…But at the time I said of course I’d like that…

I reassured him that I’ll wait and agreed if something does happen in our lives…we’d let each other know (if someone else interest us)…but now when I think of it…this situation seems so cliche…its sad…it breaks my heart…couldn’t have have waited AFTER finals was over…Lena said, “guys like that don’t care about shit like that.” I agreed…cause I was like that guy too…this situation reminded me so much of how one year ago I ended it with this guy I was with…for 3 months…WOW…I’m just realizing it…sigh…this was the same place that I actually ended it with that dude one year ago…wow….

I’m slowly realizing this…ha…full circle…the irony…I dump one…and a year later I am the one that gets dumped…

He said to sum it up that we are going to be friends…but friends that like each other…



I don’t get it because now its making me think that the reasons why…aren’t matching up…I did more that everything for him…been there for him…I did nothing wrong but show him what a true man is capable of being to him…I dunno now…I’m actually hurt…

Tonight he called and I ignored it…it was so hard…but I had to…if he wants to grow…he has to grow without me being there…it just makes sense right? Thats exactly what he wanted and stated…

I’m so lost…I’m feeling like shit…this sucks…but on the other hand I said to myself…things could be worse…

I give my all…genuinely give my all, but it never amounts to the fairy tale ending I want…

Its harder than it looks…

I need your advice on this situation…

How do I be a friend that he likes and give him the space and independence he needs? I like him a lot…I’ve put so much into this…Why did this happen? Is this my own karma? Like that Glee episode…You can’t always get what you want….

SIGH…maybe thats it…I can start my year off right…without someone by my side…cause I’ve made it through a tough year…and I can begin a new one alone….




If I meant so much to him…why do I feel so unappreciated? =/ I guess I shouldn’t wait like I said I would…you let me go…and I guess thats a choice you’ll have to work out…

November 30, 2009


“It just got a lil bit more interesting…”

November 26, 2009

iljb#73: Thanksgiving

AWWW a year has gone by…its crazy.

I like this ad.

On the other hand…I only see a tit here. lol

Happy Thanksgiving, a month or so left until Christmas. I can’t believe November is over? Then again, I’m thankful Thanksgiving is over. SHIT. The hardest month I have ever endured. The second would probably be the Summer of 2008. Ahhh. In any case, I’m at hope with family – we don’t really do Thanksgiving stuff – we just do our own thing, but I guess for us family just means being together under one roof. Its cool – I don’t remember the last time we dressed up and did something for Thanksgiving…its been awhile. I guess for us, we’re just thankful that we’re all here together. Its nice being home, but last night, I had the worst nightmare I have had in a long time…I had a gun pointed at my head in my dream. UGH – it felt real…also people were dying and everything…I guess I’m just thankful it was just a dream.

I’m real thankful that I was able to work this week – 33hrs to be exact. AHH I love working under pressure and just working when its busy. I love the fact that I get an extra 30 every week I work…Well we’ll see how that turns out tomorrow since they get more tips than Terminal 3. I’m just so thankful because my manager told me that they only hired Aaron and me and are just looking for another person. Aaron got hired a week or two after me. FUCKKK it was like meant to be…SERIOUSLY, I’m so grateful I got fired cause it made me realize a lot of the things I didn’t about work. ONE – I REALLY need a manager who communicates with me, I need to be with coworkers who know how to speak english or somewhat english, I need to be actively doing something and not standing around, I LOVEE LOVEE customer service. In any case, the work that I’m doing right now is exactly what I need. I LOVE working here already. I GET TO EAT WHATEVER I WANT. Sandwiches, ice cream, soda, fruit – you name it. AHHHH the best part is ITS FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. (I’m also looking forward to next month already because of my job at Project Connect =] 10hrs) SO as far as jobs go…its looking up…I just gotta keep this going…can’t fuck up again. But I am thankful that I do have a job again. Its so rewarding getting that badge…its like yeah I waited a week, I took a test, and now I’m working at the airport! WOOOO. Also, I love the fact that I can see the big planes land and take off…I go in a daydream state. I have a busy Thanksgiving because I have to make sure tomorrow goes smooth…its gonna be a bumpy road.

Speaking of which, THIS IS MY FAV. COUNTRY SONG!


I set out on a narrow way, many years ago
Hoping I would find true love, along the broken road
But I got lost a time or two, wiped my brow and kept pushing through
I couldn’t see how every sign, pointed straight to you

Every long lost dream, led me to where you are
Others who broke my heart, they were like northern stars
Pointing me on my way, into your loving arms
This much I know is true
That God blessed the broken road
That led me straight to you
Yes He did

I think about the years I spent, just passin’ through
I’d like to have the time I lost, and give it back to you
But you just smile and take my hand, you’ve been there you understand
It’s all part of a grander plan, that is comin’ true

Every long lost dream, led me to where you are
Others who broke my heart, they were like northern stars
Pointing me on my way, into your loving arms
This much I know is true
That God blessed the broken road
That led me straight to you


Now I’m just rollin’ home into my lovers arms
This much I know is true
That God blessed the broken road
That led me straight to you

That God blessed the broken road
That led me straight to you

Well anyway, it was hard coming back home yesterday…but I’ll leave that for another blog. THANKSGIVING…
There is a lot to be thankful for.

November 24, 2009


November 18, 2009


please dont ruin my generation with your gayness PLEASE I dont want to live in a world full of gays… keep it to yourself please

So Listen

Today a man told to keep my gayness to myself
Because this man told me he didn’t want to live in a world full of gays
And he told me to keep it to myself
So his generation would be safe
From all the gays – away from the straights
Because it was gay that I was spreading this “disease” around
As if it was swine flue
I cough and you’re gay
I touch you and you’re automatically gay
I sit next to you and you suddenly feel gay
Cause I’m gay
Cause I like dudes
Cause you’re a dude and a douche
And you’re straight
And you feel that you have to justify your manhood
By expressing your thoughts about me being gay
Gay, Gay, I’m gay, Okay, I get it

Today a man told me to keep my gayness to myself
Because I was too proud of who I am as a man
Too proud to acknowledge that I don’t like women
And the problem with that is he didn’t agree with my choice
He asked me, “Why did I make that choice to be gay”
“That’s kind of gay” he added
And I replied, “ A choice?” as he nodded
I say why do you choose to be straight?
Choose hate over love
Choose persecution over acceptance
Choose to deny me in society when in fact
I play a huge role in your community
I am your father, your mother, your brother, your sister
I am your friend

Today a man told me to keep my gayness to myself
but he started to get upset with me and started to back away
as he called me gay
he was getting scared cause he was becoming gay
and he said that every 5 seconds another one becomes gay
And its a choice that I made
And it’s a mistake

A choice?
The only choice I made is to speak out
for those who are too scared to get hurt
for those who are to scared to get burned
by their loved ones and those close to them
You say being gay is a sickness
And that you can cure it if you go to some camp in the middle of nowhere
So you can learn how to be straight

Learn how to be straight?
How about we learn how to teach each other
how to love and have compassion for one another
How about we start teaching folks
to stop using the word gay negatively
Because it does affect how we see these individuals in our community
Because they are not so different from you or me
How about we start with us
because that’s a choice we can make
For the sake of our future, for our kids, and for their kids
Because you calling me gay does not make me less of a man to you
Does not make me feel like I aint shit to you
Does not justify anything that you do
And calling me gay does not make you look super cool
Because you calling me gay just makes you look like a super fool
Today a man told me to keep my gayness to myself
I didn’t listen.

November 17, 2009

Something like that…

November 16, 2009


November 15, 2009

Ain’t that the truth.

She won’t call you, you have to call her. She won’t come talk to you, you should go talk to her. She’s not going to let you act stupid and pretend she likes it. You should just be around her. When you’re with a group of friends, she isn’t going to run into your arms no matter how much she wants to. You need to come up behind her and wrap your arms around her, and let her friends get jealous. She loves you more than you can imagine, no matter how much she doesn’t show it. But you boy, you need to show her how much you love her. So she isn’t afraid to show it back.

November 13, 2009

Start a…