iljb#165: Maybe the LAST post I have on wordpress…

So a few weeks ago I decided to test out tumblr for the second time, but this time…I got it to work and I am hooked. Unfortunately, I have abandoned my twitter, facebook, youtube, and wordpress for tumblr, which I told myself I would never do. But truth be told, tumblr is pretty amazing. Its a huge community of people who have similar interests that reblog things that make life A LOT more easier to understand and bare. ❤ Tumblr.

So what does this mean for my wordpress…well, for starters – you’ll see less and less of me on here now that I have a tumblr, however, if I find it appropriate I will probably use this as an outlet to write how I feel about personal thoughts and experiences. This blog definitely stuck by me through all the good and the bad that I experienced, but now its time to say goodbye.

Follow me on tumblr:


PS. I’m in love. Joaquin has finally found love.


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