Even though after all that has been said and done with what I had with them, I still get that feeling when I see them…that damnnn I had that…and that …fuck I wish I still had that. Aaron def knows how to play with his looks and swag. He knows I dig it and every time I see him, he plays off of my reaction. Boost of his ego! lol. Ben does the same damn thing too. Every time I see him, even though he doesn’t show it, he knows that I know he still finds me attractive. Simple touches, hugs, taps…I mean common. Especially if you know hes looking at straight at you from hella far when he could be looking else where…but hes looking at me. lol. Andi….even tho hes the biggest twat I’ve met…he still gets me. His charm is def. a killer…no bueno…Patrick. SMH…lol he def did not have the brains when around me, but damn did he know how to make out! UGHHHHHHH best make out guy EVERRRRRR and he was hot too. lol. But we def. did not have to talk about. Richard…man I remember it vividly…man I fucked up on that one…he coulda been a good guy for me. Before he left for college, he said hed doing anything for me…be there…blah blah…I definitely lost a good one. ROB. lol damn that guy. EVERYTIME I think about Washington I think about him…that bitch! lol..nah but he is the sexiest black guy I know. Lightskinned…hella fione…really sweet. smh…I had his attention once…smh…Andrew. Andrew was another one. smh. UGH haha had an amazing bed, car, swag. LOL ughhhhh wtf happened? mmm long distance I guess…I dunno. Carlos. mannn oh man…did he play me on a string lol…fucking bitch LOL, but nevertheless…he was so cute..

the end…

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