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February 10, 2011

ilikejoaquin VIDEO UPDATE

Man I’m so fucking irritated with Patrick. Fuck this bitch. FOREAL. I mean, what happened to the guy I dated back then? Shit that guy…wait…he’s still the same…a big reason why I had to break up with him. He couldn’t hold a conversation and he’s said it himself. He’s not on my level and I definitely do not tolerate that kinda shit. If you not on my level, oh well…its not that you’re a bad person, but you’re just holding me back…and I’m not trying to have that.

So he had the nerve to ask for a fucking favor. LIKE are you joking? You have not once really talked to me or said hey lets kick it…its always been an idea. Its like bitch, step yo game up! YOURE A FUCKING AMAZING GUY, I know it…but you lack everything/potential…because you’re so lame. Well you’re lame towards me. I feel like you can talk to anybody …but when it comes to me you get all shy and shit…I know I’m intimidating but helllllo its me! I ain’t gonna take anymore excuses, been doing that for hella long…its time for me to just really put my foot down. As much as I would have wanted to say yes you can stay over, I just couldn’t let myself do that. AND if I did say yes…at what time would he come over? What time would he leave? Am I suppose to entertain him? Sorry, but where were you the past couple of months…exactly…

I hate when folks come in and out like that as if its okay. Or as if nothing has changed…its like bitch NO! You can’t just fucking do that! You’re fucking lame, lame, and again LAME! mmmm I had to do this video cause it irritated the hell out of me! UGH, favor…WTF I GUESS

February 10, 2011

ilikejoaquin VIDEO UPDATE

I wanted to do this video for some reason, I guess after watching parts of For Colored Girls, I got inspired? haha. Well it just a simple video I decided to do because Valentines is coming up and for those who are rushing to get a “date” or “hook up” or whatever it is, I figured I’d reinforce the fact that the REAL love you should be catering to is you – the most important LOVE of all. Sure it would be nice to have someone on Valentines Day, but honestly its more meaningful if that person was MEANINGFUL in your life as well.

Been there done that many times over where I would just rush to get a Valentines…but honestly, there isn’t a big Valentines memory that I really remember…eh its whatever ya know.


I rather be in love through movies or shows, than be in love right now with a person. It just make sense that by the time I get out of this whole rut of being single I will know 100% who I am, be comfortable with who I am, and not be afraid to ask for what I want when I want it. I guess thats the best part of being single – DOING YOU. When you’re with someone, you tend to put yourself in the backseat. Well…I’m tired of doing that…I’ll do me…and shit

I RATHER SPEND HELLA MONEY ON MYSELF ON VALENTINES DAY than on someone whose only temporarily going to be there for me. YA FEEL ME!