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February 8, 2011

ilikejoaquin VIDEO UPDATE

I’m totally in love with this song! AHHHH he makes me happy ;D VALENTINES THEME SONG RIGHT HERE 😀 AWWWH

So I decided to make this video because today was interesting. Upon checking my phone this morning, I found this msg from this guy. Yeah I put him on blast, but to be real, I probably helped someone from being just another fuck. Unless they want that, then I probably gave him more of a shout out than a call out LOL either way it works out. ;D

Things like this happen on downelink and sad to say I’ve been victim to this kind of “fuck”. I guess its a mix of being desperate for attention/wanting someone to really hold you. I can’t be mad at those folks who get into this…I was there once too. I can’t be all mad at those who do it because I was the person doing it at one time. But we all learn from it and we grow from it. Its an experience that WE ALL have to go through, gay or straight.

You know better…or at least I’d hope.