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February 5, 2011

Blackberry Thoughts#1: Excited for this

Well this is super fun. I’m at a Kirin w/ my family and I’m happy bc I’m ready to eat nom nom. Additionally, I’m happy I downloaded this wordpress bb app. Now I feel like I’m more mobile w my thoughts. Hehe I hope this will help me reply to folks faster yee. Well I’ve just enjoyed my saturday here in Mt. View. I never used to go home, but now I feel like its a must. Its really nice.

You know, February is going by quick too..shit its almost the middle of Feb. I can’t believe it… Sigh its amazing…full time, more time spent w roomies, friends, just doing me. Pleeeease remind myself how amazing it is to be single. It really is.

I guess bc valentines is coming up everyones just like getting ready to be all lovey dubbie with whoever, but it my experience, just like any holiday, this too shall pass. Valentines has become one of those holidays where u wanna find the girl/guy for that day, when you know its okay to be single. I’m ok being single and need to remind myself.

Alright, off I go home to play vanquish yee