iljb#154: MOVING right along…

You know that phrase, “Well moving right along…” Well I decided I need to implement the same thing in my life. I need to stop having tendencies to which I just wait for “IT” to come to me. Whatever “IT” may be, I find myself sometimes waiting for “IT” to happen. Well you know what…I’m tried of that and definitely FEBRUARY will mark me moving right along. I am sick and tired of having this kinda passivity in my life right now. I NEED TO MAKE THINGS HAPPEN for February. I will start tomorrow. I’ve been slowly making it a point to lift my weights that I used to lift, soon, I’ll be doing push ups, then crunches, then back to running! 😀 I’ve done it before, but I’m really going to make it a point to lose 20 pounds. EFF this chubby bunny status.

Its taking time…it really is…ROME wasn’t built in a day…and this new series on youtube, my life, everything else is definitely not going to come easy on a platter…me even adding youtube into my life amazes me – my dedication to continue to give what I can to my roomies amazes me haha.

BUT I am hopeful that FEB will definitely bring more strength and positive energy that I’ve been lacking. I need to move right along. TIRED OF THIS BS that I be getting from guys, friends, work, just everything…I gotta take control of the situation once more. DO BE, BE ME, BE WHO I AM AT THE BEST THAT I CAN BE.

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