iljb#150: EPIC RELEASE

Before I reign in my new idea for my youtube, I decided I was going to prep before I do. I’ve been meaning to change a couple of things and be consistent with what I do on my channel. I still haven’t really had the time to sit down and plan it but my idea is that M TH S would be my video posts, Wed would be for wordpress and T Sun would just be free for me to just rest. Maybe Sun could be reply back Sunday lol. I dunno.

I know I really want to integrate my wordpress into it and also twitter…maybe Twitter Tuesdays? I dunno. But I’m glad I made the decision to debut stuff on the 24th. I was pleased with my mini trailer I made. It was so EPIC haha. But really, I want to start doing videos like I used to, esp. my gay series that I have neglected. I’ve done at least 30 gay series things…I wanna make an effort in really doing more. Also, replying back to my subscribers. I got this lady on FB msg me, thanking me for my videos that helped her. I am so blessed and fortunate to get these folks who msg me and take their time to msg me. I just feel really bad that I don’t get a chance to reply as soon as I’d like.

Shit thats what I need an assistant LOL. I want to like recruit my roomies to be an assistant. I think it could work too. 😀 haha. But it needs to be a roomie that I trust =P cause you know how that is lol. I really want to meet my roomies to or chat with them face to face. I do better with face to face rather than see their sn or something. I dunno…we’ll see…

I’ve been overworking myself…I did like 11hrs today and in a few hours I’ll be back doing another 10 -_____-. This is my weekly life 10hrs at work lol…fuck…it really is busy at work though =P womp…

SIGH…I got to do some videos today that I will hopefully edit soon, all of em happen to do with the GAY series…its nice =]. I wanna just relax…I don’t wanna get sick 😛 womp.

My car has been acting up…but nevertheless I’m grateful to even have a car =].

Oh and I totally enjoy this guy

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