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August 10, 2010

iljb#128: Awesomely drained

I’m in the dark writing this on my bed at 1am. I should be asleep by now seeing that I had a long day, but instead I’ve spent a few hours just on the internet, clicking the same old links and passing the time by watching some videos.

I dunno what got me tonight, but I’m feeling a lil depressed. Haven’t felt like this in awhile…well in a few hours I’ll be back to the same grind, but hopefully I wake up rejuvenated to start fresh.

I’ve been meaning to write – write whatever is on my mind until I have nothing more to say, but its been hard when I’ve been so busy these past weeks…I haven’t necessarily had just a me time to just write. I guess thats one of the reasons why I was a lil depressed…realizing that I havent had that me time in awhile.

Trips after trips, work after work, hang out after hang out…sometimes I just need to just do me…

My mom asked if I wanted to go the Philippines for a week and sum days this Dec…shoot…I don’t care, I think its what I need.

sigh…I hate this part right now, but I know this too shall pass.

I hate having slight depression…it hits you when you least expect.

Ps. I care about my ilikejoaquin fans.