iljb#125: Airplanes

I could use a wish right now – and if that happens to be leaving this damn place for good – then so be it. I’m enjoying my Friday off and it feels great just simply waking up late in the afternoon with no care in the world and following my own schedule without any commitments or engagements. I guess thats the best part of summer – enjoying it to its fullest.

I wish I could just go on a plane with the money I have and just escape for today. Without a care. Just fly and come back later today. Wouldn’t that just be amazing. I wouldn’t need to worry about hotel, just transportation. shoot, I already have my id that could get me through. haha. Man…where to go though =].

Can we just pretend. That I was a millionaire and I fly myself to a wheat field LOL

I’m gonna try my best to enjoy this day. Its gonna be chill, but thats fine with me ;O

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