iljb#124: Maybe this time?

This time I’m gonna make it a point to be different. I’m going to do something different. I’m going to do this for me and only me. I temporarily deactivated my facebook – seeing that it is a constant reminder of how an hr turns into 5. I deleted downelink finally – after much consideration I have decided that it has nothing that I need or what anymore. I’ve been there and done that – I tried making friends, tried finding love, tried finding myself – but ultimately have wasted my time in a sense in continuing to update and upload stuff. Besides, its about how you look, not what your brain knows. I have also temporarily made my youtube invisible – I need some time to really be out of radar and its not as though you can’t watch my videos.

In conclusion – I’ve noted that the internet has ruined my life and I will begin slowly to regain normalcy without these social networks.

I’ll keep twitter and this. IF you a fan, you’ll know where to find me. If you want to know where I am – you probably already know.


I’m here. U ready?

– – – – –


I woke up an hour ago and realized I slept through this whole day before I go to work…awesome. I’m looking forward to work because it’ll get my body and mind off things. You really never know what happens at work until you WORK. I’m feeling alright, however, I had the most unsettling and disturbing dreams last night. It began with myself trying to fall asleep and all of a sudden I’m in my car driving and suddenly I loose control and drive into a house. I then had one of those moments where I slowly gasped my way through waking up. It was weird. Then I dreamed about aliens coming to earth and separating my family and all this crap. It was scary…I had a final dream, but I can’t recall it. I dunno what these dreams mean, but I think its due to me staying up late.

In lighter news, I’m happy to begin this month. 😀


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