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June 14, 2010

iljb#117: SF to LA

So I figured, I need to make my move to LA more real for me. So what I decided was change my background on my laptop, youtube, twitter, and wordpress with the background of LA. It feels nice because it will remind me of the big prize at the end of the road. I’ll be going to SoCal twice this summer so I think thats a sign for something right? I’m excited, I just need to make sure I save that money. If its not the end of this year, not in Jan/Feb/March or even until summer of next year, at least I know I’m preparing myself 😀

I don’t know about you, but I know I’ll be okay if I move. I know what it takes and I know its going to be hard, but so was my transition from lil suburb Mountain View to the big city San Francisco. Why LA? A lot of folks ask, but I can’t give one answer, its just calling me. I feel it. The life I live here in SF needs to be used to its full potential. I got this. I know this. I’ve been well prepared. IF moving to LA means just being there for a year and then move back, so be it – right? Thats the experience I’m willing to take. I’m good with keeping my goals checked and done, I’m good with multitasking, and I’m definitely good with networking. I can do this.

The secret just transcends in my life more than ever now. Its good – cause this is exactly where I need to be.

So…I invite you, to come away with me =]