iljb#110: GRADUATING is hard =[

I think I fucked myself over with saying that I could work this week. FUCK…I could have used all that time to do this paper that I need to do, however, its my fault that I havent even began to touch the paper. I think its just my senioritis kickin in HELLA BAD. I mean, granted I have until monday of next week, but honestly WHEN am I gonna do that paper. I gotta make some decisions, unfortunately I’m making poor ones as we speak =X. Regardless, I’m a hustler and without a doubt, I will make sure that I’ll be on top of this within the next few hours. Today really does matter in how much I get done with my paper, I cannot afford to slack more than I already have…haha funny thing is I’m blogging as we speak :P. This paper reminds me of my own paper senior year about depression and ironically I was to depressed to do my paper. This time around my paper is youtube and ironically its the reason why I can’t begin my paper. LAME. HOW CAN I WRITE HELLA on a blog, but can’t begin my own paper. I guess ITS A BEAUTIFUL DAY TO WORRY and I know god has my back! 😀 THINGS will work out and I will make this happen! 😀

GRADUATION isn’t a reality for me yet, however its approaching so fast! :X ahhhh I’m almost done and its fucking amazing and scary at the same time. HOME STRETCH JOAQUIN, come on focus!

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