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April 13, 2010

iljb#101: 100 wasn’t as epic as I wanted it to be. lol

So today marks a new day. A fresh beginning. A …start of sorts. I woke up this morning feel good and feel like I was unstoppable. Maybe because I didn’t go to work – but regardless, its a nice sunny day outside and Whitney Houston is helping me sing “one of those days”. Where I am in life right now is amazing. Possibilities arise and my future looks bright. Even though I’m busy with PCN, FilGrad, Project Connect, PACE, …I wish school, Friends, and everything else – I manage to reflect to myself that this is my last year in college and I’m going to miss it A LOT. I spent my whole life at school where as others spent half or less of that. I guess you could say…I’m active lol. But thats just it…I never was just …doing nothing…doing me…thats why this year when I finally graduate I can say that my FUTURE is unstoppable because I have so many dreams for myself that I want to create.

I want to move to SoCal and the more I say it I know it’ll be a reality. I am moving. I’m going to say goodbye to the yay and say hayyy SoCal. Folks have already asked if I have a plan…I don’t, but I know with the skills I’ve obtained I will utilize them to make a plan. I just know things will work out. With this positivity on my side…I can. Folks can run their mouths and tell me how busy they are or how stressed they are, but all you gotta do is look at my calendar and see – fuck…you ain’t playing. YUP…I ain’t playing with the fact that I am on my grind…I hustle…and I do what I can and try to do my best. Shit I didn’t even have to work hard to hustle 17 tickets for the Warriors where other folks were just having trouble finding two or one to buy the tickets…shows a lot about what I can do with my future…

One day…so very soon. I’m going to make it big. And I ain’t talking about youtube, I ain’t talking about being famous, but big meaning just successful in life. For all those who left, for all those who laughed in my face, for all those who didn’t believe my vision, I will be able to one day finally say…FUCK YOU – I did it without you! I got this comment on facebook from an old friend about me trying to hang out with someone…

“that wont happen..he’s “too good” for his high school friends. i kid i kid..”
“what?? dont call me a bitch when it’s true. look at all the times i try to reach out to you, of all those times i’ve seen you once!”

These people who say shit like this don’t have a clue on what I go through on a daily basis, what I’m trying to create, what I’m trying to do. YES, I stay with the people I am close with at STATE, but thats because I am graduating and they know what I’m going through…unlike for this one…she comes in out of no where wanting to hang out, but not realizing I am not the same person that I was in HS. I’m more grown up with grown up responsibilities. I’m talking about tough shit…and you can just rewind 5 years of my life in just one hang out. I’m sorry if I’ve been busy for A LOT of people in my life…but if you took the time to see or hear me out in what I do…you’ll realize my life is bigger than my own…so I didn’t respond to her, because I didn’t need to prove anything to her – TO ANYONE. I made it without you.

I know I posted this, but this is exactly what I feel.

I reflect and I say…maybe thats why I haven’t made it so big on youtube yet cause I have been making it big in the real world. 😀 haha HOLLAH =] hahaha

Anyway…I think I did this post justice and well this 101 feels like its really my 100th post 😀

Happy ilikejoaquin Blog Celebration =]

April 13, 2010

iljb#100: EPIC

i need to constantly remind myself…i dont need to prove anything to anyone. i do what i gotta do.