iljb#97: Moving … on?

It just happens that I stumbled on this when I searching for the next picture to post. Mmmm its destiny talking huh?

I guess I’m feeling tired, nostalgic, hopeful, and just dreamy all in one tonight. After talking to Mary about the past, present, and future, I determined for myself that moving is a big step and is a possibility. Right after I graduate – I can potentially save 7,000 alone with work…how amazing would this be? How awesome? This is the sacrifice I must take if I want to move to SoCal. I got to set my life straight before I head out into territory unknown. I graduate next month and its too close for comfort to realize all my dreams are sooo close. I look at my calendar and it is definitely time crunch, but my body is shutting down on me.

I can’t help but wish that I had someone in my life I could share my troubles, hopes, dreams, whatever with…that was Danny…but that was a fail right…most definitely. I can’t help but just backtrack a lil on the hopeless relationships I’ve been in. Regardless, *BIG SIGH* I have so much to look forward to in life…I just need to rest up and conserve my energy. FUCK…I don’t think I’m going to do any hw…I’m so fucking tired…

ANYWAY, I am blessed each day that I am given the chance to live. I am blessed that god has yet to condemn me to hell for all my pitiful sins…that hes given me a second chance and he forigives. I just need a little more reassurance Lord that you will help heal me, be there at my most uncertainty, guide me to the road I need to take. I do all this HELP/ADVICE/YOUTUBE/TALKS to all these people. Friends, strangers, people I know, people who I’ve met only once…but sometimes…I just spread myself and advice too thin that I don’t have enough strength to take my own.

Its rare that I feel like I’ve gotten advice out of no where…and advice that doesn’t regard me being sad…just random advice…its rare…

But what can I do…its who I am. I live for this shit…

MOVING… yeah….

I’m moving on from you, this, and that…cause you’ve stopped me before in living my life…I’ve stopped…now I gotta just move on…

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