iljb#94: Today was a good day to REflect.

I guess today I couldn’t help but think how much MORE I could have done in applying to grad school. I guess they were right…my professors…even I caught myself saying it too to the students and parents I talk to about school…don’t just apply to one school. I chose only SFSU and they’re not accepting anyone because of the budget cuts…WELL now I got a year and then some to really think of what I want to do and how to do it. I didn’t even consider Berkeley as a possibility for grad school. I guess too, I got inspired when I saw Aldrich get accepted to really good schools like UCLA and USC…I’m like fuck…if he can do it, I can too. I guess I was just too scared…actually I am scared…that I’m not good enough or my grades wont make the cut…I guess Aldrich is my inspiration to just try and look for other options aside for SFSU…shit if I choose Berkeley and get accepted I can still stay around the area…so here is my new plan…


I’ll think about doing those schools for now…I think Berkeley is a feat to accomplish and reach…how about money though? ugh…we’ll worry about that later right? lol shit I got a year to save CRIES haha…but I guess it goes to show…theres really life after graduation…and I will experience that. I really want to be a professor…I’m doing my internship for ETHS 210. LOL I mean I basically am the teacher lol…I just suck at math though…UGH

SOOO school…I gotta write that paper …FUCK Spring BREAK was not a break…it was like another week for me to just UGHHH…

Thats why I guess I shopped today to take care of all worries…sigh…

On a lighter note…I’m glad guys aren’t my prerogative. Its nice worrying about me and not others.

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