iljb#94.5: Thinking…

Before I was going to bed, I read a youtubers message to me on mail about advice in coming out. ITS soooo crazy how folks ask me all these advice, questions, concerns that they have just because…I dunno…its me…lol Well then again, I rather have them go to be than none at all…but its crazy what youtube has done for me…its connected me with so sooo many people good and bad, but all in all its just been an experience that really is unique. What person is able to wake up every day to find a new connection, subscriber, comment, something from a random stranger who lives across the globe. You know what I mean?

I guess it goes to show, that even though I don’t vlog much as I used to or talk about the “GAY” things that count…I’m still able to connect back and reply with my 2 cents…its nice that I can…have the opportunity to help a persons life…SHIT I knew I wasn’t able to have that when I was coming up…fuck LOL…

I guess I feel good…thats it…its sweet and flattering…

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