iljb#91: Socially Retarded =[

So I guess I discovered this new thing called FB chat…well its not really a new thing – its actually been around, but I just haven’t used it…I guess my sad attempt to talk to people I see on a daily/so often basis tonight failed…I was talking to this dude and I was honestly trying to be nice…but I guess I did too much and he asked me, “Are you drunk or high?” …ugh…I failed…I dunno why I took it a lil personal, but it just got me down in the pits cause it makes me wonder why I am socially retarded. I talked to Ryan and I told him I was trying to be like him…excited, fun, and whatever he does to network and make friends…I guess it was just not cutting it for me – or I don’t know how to do it properly…is that why I don’t make gay friends easily or have any for that matter because I can’t socially connect…or just be…social? I DUNNO…I’m lame…I’m getting down on myself on this because I guess I never got that comment before…or just be told that when I was trying to be nice. I mean he was on my FB friends…its like why you add me if you don’t even talk to me? right? RIGHT? Helllooo! I don’t add anyone on FB at all or any social network for that matter – they add me…and when it so happened that I realized this foo was actually my friend I was like aww fun…then tonight just proved to be a FAIL on the social aspect of things…HOW LAME AM I?…super duper…

On another note…check this out

COOL lol

One Comment to “iljb#91: Socially Retarded =[”

  1. i ❤ this post.. so colorful 🙂

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