iljb#86: Can’t focus…

I really can’t focus. I need – er – I have so much to take care of…I guess being in my room makes me yawn more and just want to just say fuck it…I’m going to sleep. I HONESTLY need to snap out of it. I just have no motivation to get all my shit done…I need to do this list that I’ve been meaning to do…but damnit….I’m just procrastinating. I have way too much to take care of…

yes its my fault…

FOCUS…I can’t.

One Comment to “iljb#86: Can’t focus…”

  1. this is random…but I just wanted to let you know that because of you I decided to take an asian studies class, lol. I live in NYC and its very diverse but I never took the time the pay attn to Asian struggle and triumph in America…im in my third week of class and I really enjoy every minute of class (right now we are reading Asian American Dreams by Helen Zia)…btw my prof. is crazy cute he is chinese and he did his masters at ur school. So now I feel like I have this connection to SF and indirectly to you too.

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