iljb#85: A “something along those lines” kinda day

Today was one of those days where anything and I mean anything could happen. I guess I was caught off guard at times, but I guess I picked myself up and did what I needed to.

Today was the beginning of lent and for me, this journey will be an experience to enjoy. YES enjoy. I can’t honestly say I’ll keep my list of what to give up 100%, but I will say that I will 100% come back to God. There’s a lot of things that have help make, shape, bring me to where I am right now – and I am happy for it. Even though there have already been major bumps in the road for 2010…I believe it to be a test from God. I believe, I know I do. I think I am learning patience…ahhh…its so hard.

Anyway…I wish the rest of the week goes by well…or something along those lines…

LIFE is getting harder…but its such a bright future ahead =]

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