iljb#84: Rushing a Valentines

I’m so proud of myself this year because I don’t have a Valentines and I am okay with that. In past years I believe I always seemed to rush a Valentine. Meaning, I just had to get one because I didn’t want to be alone. I guess I rather be alone that fake a “love” that isn’t there. And I’m happy that I don’t have one either, despite all the hype on being with their significant other tomorrow, which by the way – that hype should be everyday! Besides, in about a week or two, all the gay guys who had Valentines will be Valentineless and show they asses at my door. TRUST – it always happens. I guess I’ve learned after all these years, yea? I’ve had that Valentine experience already – now I just want the real thing.

I’ve been adding on to my video collection and the two new additions are “What happens in Vegas” and “My Best Friends Wedding” two completely different movies about LOVE and two real possibilities on LOVE. I think watching those movies gave me the confidence that its better to wait it out and just take it day by day. Just like Julia Roberts character…finding guy after guy and realizing…that they just want one…that one which was the guy. I love my movie collection haha 😀 ITS CUTE =].

So back to that Valentines day rush – See I ain’t bitter that folks have people to spend it with. I’m definitely not mad. Its just realizing that I got something better in my life to cater to and thats me. That something is me and I’ll spend it well. Besides I’m going to be with my bff for Valentines =].

Still want to see that movie – which I think I’m going to end up buying because its probably going to be worth it haha.

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