iljb#83: Living Proof

I guess the image above sums up how I’m feeling. I guess today was a trickle effect of disappointments and feeling of loneliness. To add, I just surfed on facebook and stumble on Janelles facebook to find she has a new boo. I guess it was kinda shocking cause…well she’s been with that miles fool since…forever. I guess it goes to show that nothing is truly “forever”. I also thought to myself how glamorous her life is. I think I’ve mentioned her in a blog before a long time ago, but she is that girl that done got her FIDM degree and is now just making it big. I guess after I a graduate thats something I can look forward to…unfortunately you can’t really make it big with your AAS degree. To just feel kind of unaccomplished right now…feeling like when graduation ends…I’ll feel like a fat disappointment…feeling like this just eats my spirit up. However, I do want to say that I will be getting a new engine and technically a new car =]. But other than that…scheduling my life around my nonexisting car has just been a hassle. Today I found out that they aren’t accepting any AAS masters because of budget cuts…yeah I know…see how directly affected I am now with this whole budget cut bull shit. MAN…my future is going to be put on pause…however, Allyson gave me some good advice on my topic and its really just made me think.

How do Filipinos learn to be Filipino on the internet.

My paper is going to surround how technology has contributed in molding ones culture and identity.

I took a nap today since I just felt boo boo the whole day…that trickle effect…I woke up to the laundry I have yet folded and ironed…after this blog…I will be tackling this task. I missed the PCN meeting =P oh well…my health is more important…ah that choices I make…

PRAY for me and my well being…please =/ I need all the prayers I can get.

One Comment to “iljb#83: Living Proof”

  1. Is it too late to apply for USF’s AASU? And what about CSU East Bay? There are plenty more options…

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