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February 8, 2010

ildd#3: One step closer…

I guess I’ve been a sucker for these couple of weeks in watching movies that relate to my situation right now like Good Luck Chuck or just conversations I’ve been having. I guess its one step closer to realizing that that ONE person…might just appear out of no where unexpectedly. I’ve already turned down two guys who’ve poured their heart to me – not because I don’t like them, but because they live way far from me. Also, one was an ex and one was just a fuck buddy of sorts. I guess its Gods way of testing me to see if I’d break and if I had learned my lesson. Well God. I passed. =D. So with that said I feel like I’m one step closer to finding, being, letting my self just BE LOVED by someone who cares. Like Chuck said, he loved her so much that he had to let her go…I’ll take that Chuck…I know I’m going to be that next guy for that person because I’m not really looking looking for someone like I’ve been all my life. I’ve just been focusing on school, work, and most importantly friends and family. I guess thats how life is supposed to be right. Its been two weeks already and I feel good about it. Lets hope that it works. All things happen for a reason…I’m where I am because this is where I need to be.

Sometimes when I’m at work I pretend that a customer is one day just going to come up to me and say, HEY you’re that guy from youtube…I was wondering if you’d grab a lil coffee with me while I wait…whens your lunch? And that guy would be really cute and really sweet. Then I’d take my break and realize I stumbled across a good one…sweet and adorable. But he’d have to leave to go to NYC, but he said he’d come back for me in two weeks. Two weeks =].

I’m ok with not having a Valentines. Really this time.