iljb#82: Hard times

Well folks I am officially carless because someone decided to be CARELESS when doing an oil filter change. Great my engine is fried and now I have to manage myself getting to and from work. -___- an additionally stress that I knew was going to come, but I wished it didn’t come today. Well I guess that just adds to the list of FMLs for Joaquin this new year. Thankfully, I am taking every bit of set backs with ease. I mean it wasn’t my fault that I chose a cheaper oil change all the way in Palo Alto instead the ones in Daly City…UGH. Well nevertheless, whats done is done and the damage is irreversable. FUCK MY LIFE. To top things off, I’ve been stressing about graduation and my masters application. Did I mention coordinating this ETHS 210 class. I know I put so much on my plate, but I live for this. Oh having this office job at Project Connect is a hugeeeeeee pain just because I have to coordinate so much with so many people. Mario leaves tomorrow and after that…its history. The office however looks good. Man…I started this week with a suicide out my window…was this a foreshadowing of how the rest of my week was going to be…I mean really…

Thinking of a significant other would be ideal, but to be honest…where do I fit that in my schedule…I mean shit…I can’t even fit sleep for myself. So I guess its a good thing that I’m just focused right? Maybe this masters student thing…isn’t for me right now…maybe I should just work and get my shit together…yeah…FilGrad has begun and its already been an exciting experience. Wouldn’t it be cute if one of the straight looking guys in FilGrad ended up being a fucking DOWN LOW guy. LOL I’d have a trip…then he’d like come up to be and be like…hey wanna makibaka shakalaka LOL hahaha…my mind wanders =X haha go figure.

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