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January 22, 2010

iljb#80: Funny thing about 2010…

You never know what to expect. I guess its been a good start to the year, yea? Lets just say the past weeks have just been bumps in the road and I’ve gotten over them. Recently, I’ve just been getting back to the mode of school and just getting business settled with school, friends, family, and relationships. I attribute all my blessings these past few days to God. Without his blessings, I wouldn’t be, feel, know that where I am right now is exactly where I need to be.

Just like Obamas first year in office (yeah its been a year crazy), I too have felt like last year was just yesterday. I know much of what I plan to do for 2010 is change and to be able to move forward to a better life – a healthier one. Keep those who I hold dear close and just make those relationships stronger. For those who are just starting – well its going to take awhile – just like those damn “papers”. Relationships have been the last thing on my mind…I guess I needed all that mess to get me out of that mode of feeling the need to be with someone. Yeah it would be nice – but clearly being single has so much advantages. SO SO much. lol I’m fine with that…

Financial aid kicked in and I’m so happy. Money does make the world go round.
Hey, I’m blessed…I truly am.

Funny how 2010 was starting off bad…but I guess it was that bump that made me realize things aren’t so bad after all.

Happy New Year everyone.