iljb#78: =/

$352 and then some…

Just looking at the debt that I have…I dunno =./ this xmas isn’t look great at all.
I’m just sad because I know once new years kicks in all the hard work I did will all go to rent again…then I’ll have to wait 2 more weeks for another check and my bills will keep coming because I haven’t paid shit…my parking is getting ridiculously high =/ so is my BOA card…shit…

I dunno…I guess its a reason why I’m not doing a lot of things with friends this time around. Its like how can I give to folks if I can’t even give to myself. Yeah know? I’m just struggling everyday to just make it…=/ luckily I got that bonus…but thats all going to bills…

Merry Xmas Joaquin…sigh =/ it makes me sad that this is the 2nd year that I feel this way about xmas, however the first year that I really just don’t care for it…how can I be in a holiday mood if there’s nothing to really be jolly about.

You wanna talk about who has it hard? Shit…come and sit down with me…I’ll tell you ALL about it. =/


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