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December 1, 2009

iljb#74: Final 3

If I’ve learned anything from November its that you gotta keep on pushing till you have no more tears to shed.

To be honest, I’m looking forward to Dec. Not for the fact that its the holiday season or Christmas or the fact that I have 3 more weeks left, but for the simple fact that this month is my month to start over.

I’m slowly getting back on my feet and today at the annex showed what a few steps can do. I’m congratulating myself on my hard work tonight because when I look at all the shit I accomplished tonight – I can honestly say that – no one does it better than me. I work hard. I’m slowly realizing that its me and only me that can get me out of this mess, thats why I gotta keep on pushing myself forward.

I have to thank God for giving me the strength and the energy to barely make November. I honestly feel like that month was a huge nightmare that lasted way too long. But my sweet December is here to finally ring in some new fresh air. (BREATHES) Do you smell that? Its the smell of success…

I’m slowly…day dreaming again. Thats a good thing