iljb#72: She makes me envious…

(BTW this ad makes me want breakfast)

So I was reading Nelle’s blog and reading it made me feel a bit envious. She got a real job that pays with benefits and she is a young woman working in the fashion industry. She graduated with me in middle school, but she graduated a year before I am. It makes me wonder…after I graduate…where the hell am I going to go? Do…going to be? My major doesn’t really let me be a professor right away…and if I do end up with counseling…shit takes 2 years to finish…I dunno, I know feeling envious of someone elses life is the worst way to go, but shit…I can’t help but look at my life right now and feel so uncertain.

My Thanksgiving break begins today, but this is the first time I don’t feel happy about it.

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