iljb#69: I was a bad kid…

Saturday, April 05, 2003

…I got home and I had the biggest headache. I couldn’t stand it. My legs were also sore from Mondays work out. My mom then asked where he took me. I said, “Does it matter?” And walked out of the room. I could then hear her complain to my sister in tagalog how rude I was T__T. My family don’t know what happens in my life and could care less, so I don’t think they have the right to say shit. I then decided to take a nap at 7pm. I ended waking up at 9:30 or so. I was real pist at this point because my bio lab wasn’t done yet. Thank god it was gonna be Wednesday…I still had time to finish my lab at school. I took the rest of the night watching Bend it like Beckhem.” Oh man is that a great movie. I slept about 12:00am that day.

Wednesday was droopy and gray like Tuesday. In drawing class I finished my bio lab and Mr. Wada really could care less of what I did. At lunch, Kenneth helped me with my lab chart. I was so worried I wouldn’t be able to do it. Sigh…but I did the best that I could. The day ended with track. It was raining again and blah blah blah. It was an okay work out. When I got back to school, it rained a lot. I was waiting for my ride when they passed me. That meant, I had to walk all the way to the parking lot in the rain. I was real pist. I got in and dropped my backpack, my moms portable T.V then drops.

“Wacky, be careful!.”

I resonded with, “Its my fault?”

Then she goes saying something and says, “Bitch.”

At that point I was angry and crying my heart out. My mom didn’t say anything and she let it go. She kept offering me food, but I kept on saying no because I didn’t want the food that my sister bought anyways. Sigh…that was such a sad day…I hadn’t cried in a long time…man…I kept thinking…suck it up…suck it up.

Tuesday, April 22, 2003

Aww to make things worse. I’m not going to prom anymore. See. This girl Fara asked me to go with her a long time ago. And I was all hehe yay, bragging rights (as Joaquin said). And I was like excited. I even got a 45% discount on the Mens Wearhouse in the mail yesterday. I was so happy. Then Fara IM’s me and tells me some bad news. She says that her ex-boyfriend wants to go with her to prom and they kinda wanna get back together. And honestly I was all dude just go with who you want to go with, him obviously. And she was all noo but I wanna go with you cause I’d have more fun with you. And I’m all nahhh go with whats his face. haha. And so she asked me if I was hurt or pist at her. In a way I’m 30% butt hurt and pist. But its all good. At least I don’t have to pay right? But to make up for it she wants to take me to Sadies this Friday. I was all uh…I don’t think my mom would let me (in my head) and I said maybe. Then we hung up like that…

I tell my mom the whole story and I see her face change to excited, laughing at the story, getting worried, then pist. I was all what the hell? She says no you can’t go. I was all why not? She stood you up. I was all not really. And she goes what if you did get the tux…thats true, but I went…but I didn’t. And she was all no!!! Like it was her final answer. And I said, no, I got nothing to do on that day, I get out early, and I wanna go out. Shes all you act like you want it bad and your going to die. And I’m all actually I haven’t been outside this damn house because of your strick filipino rules thank you very much. And shes all well you don’t know what her boyfriend might do to you so no. I’m all her ex? What the hell? Anyways, its Sadies…No, its going to be in public. I’m all wtf…hello its school runed. And I’m all…uh there are parents who are going to be there. Shes all who…who? I’m all parents. Then she goes well I’m go by there tomorrow and ask. MY ASS YOU WILL!!! YOU say those things and never do. Most likely I might go. So yeah…fun? maybe…heartbroken…kinda…but its all good…I have my SMILEZ haha…yeah…he was pist at me tonight…stupid Joaquin…grrr…but we cool now I guess. hehe he can’t stay mad at me forever…I MEAN look at me haha. Eww…no seriously look…discusting. haha. Well…whatever happens happens.

Monday, April 21, 2003

Joaquin was tripping today. I was trying to say sorry for what I said last night. I was saying, “Dude I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to say I’m embarassed to be your friend, dude hehe your my friend, it was a joke.” But he hung up and was being a brat all day today. So I had to hear his bitching ass say, “Oh you know what Joaquin did last night…hes embarassed to be my friend.” You asshole…I don’t even know why I was saying sorry after you kept on doing that. What do you want me to do? IT WAS A JOKE…and besides don’t live in the past. I aint trippin anymore…you said you were just playing around…eh whatever dude…But I guess thats cool to know, you actually care if I do count you as a friend.

(wtf was I doing with my life back then? ew I woulda slapped me LOL)

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