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November 6, 2009


Today a new opportunity for upward mobility will arrive on the scene bright and early. Don’t wait too long to address it — the good fortune pendulum is swinging back your way, and it’s bound to swing away again before you know it. Reach out and grab this chance, even if you don’t feel completely prepared. This sunnier weather in your professional universe will put you on a path to a bigger, fancier lifestyle full of complicated changes.

November 6, 2009


yeah, i am pretty simple. i like simple things. no need to impress me with stuff. the most important thing to me is when people listen and just be there for me. even if thats 2 or 1 or even 30 mins of their time. as a kid, no one listened to me. in middle school no one listened to me. yeah i am pretty simple and you know what…i didn’t know this until lena told me today.