iljb#62: Closing Time

If I decide to take a step away from this reality – forgive me – because I’ve been needing an escape. I address this because I am sure it is time to close shop, time to relocate, time to take my business else where. Forgive me, the time spent here was all and more than I could have ever asked for – its been amazing in fact – but times have changed and its about time that I put up my sign, “CLOSED”. Some customers are happy, some aren’t – but the only one you got to please is yourself. Some time soon, I’ll open up again, put my sign up, “OPEN”, smile and wait for the arrival of new customers. Just like I did before. Oh those days seemed like they were yesterday. And if they ask…why’d you close – I’ll reply, I decided to take a step away from this reality, I’ve been needing this vacation. If they continue to ask I say, don’t worry – everything will be ok.

Closing shop soon.


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