iljb#59: I miss it…

I miss just being able to relax and how no cares about nothing! I miss that. I miss being able to party cause I wouldnt give a damn about the world and what hw I got the next day. I miss the good old friendships – even the stupid ones. I miss friendship games. I REALLY DO! I wish I went…lightweight. First time not going…fuck…I’m growing up? I miss my youth. THIS is the weekend to just let it go…get my party on…I feel free…I feel like I can just BREATHE! I miss it…I miss missing it. I feel accomplished today…I did hella shit…I did a paper when I felt like I wouldn’t be able to. I made it! I did it…I pulled myself together…on top of that I took a test for math and did a meeting. AWWW man…I had a good two days…It was good. I miss it though. I miss just being able to say…hey I’m a freshman, sophomore, junior…now I’m a fucking senior…I am fucking graduating soon….AHHHHH I miss this already…I miss PCN…I miss miss me!!! I think…its that time of year when I just finally have to take a step into another world…unknown…sigh things dont last forever…but my memories will forever remain. I miss it…THANK U LIFE

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