iljb#56: Empower thy self

Everyday I’m hustling, everyday I’m hustling cause I’m a mothah fucking hustlah bitch!

With every punch I get, I bring back 10 fold and hit you with the realness

FUCK that. I say to myself. I won’t let no mother fucking bitch bring me down. Insignificant is the key word there. TRUST that I can handle my own and my own is what I handle.

I make sure that shit don’t falter, I make sure that I can come out strong.

I know I have much to learn, but I take everyday as a lesson.

I know that many dont understand my intentions and its fine because I ain’t trying to prove my worth.

I empower me and if I end up empowering you, then coo.

I’m a mother fuckin beast, a hustler everyday!

I make sure this shit is raw and that I hit hard! FUCK THIS betch I make this look easy.

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