iljb#56 1/2: I am

See, senior year is picking up and day after day I realize that its only going to get more busier than it already is. I have taken a butt load of classes, extracurricular activities, and have just been hustln since day one of the semester. I tell myself – I am boss – I control my life and make the rules. I live the way I want to and I make this look easy.

I put my friends on pause cause to be honest – some are just not on point anymore – and thats real talk. Let me put that on a pause and press play later on because right now I don’t need to bother in “playing” this shit thats on repeat. I repeat I don’t need this shit from you nor you of me. I already know that I don’t need you as much as you need me. I hold my own very well and am confident that I can come up on top with or without you. SO let me put you on pause because as much as you have been a part of my life…you have been far a part from my life. You think you see, hear, know the real me, but times have changed – I am slowly growing out of this stage. Its time for me to step off and get in front of a bigger league – a league where rules don’t apply, but rather a fluid just like life. I ain’t trying to confine myself to what was or is because I know we and I are far more than that is. I put my freinds on pause because to be honest some are just not on point anymore.

I am pressing play – cause as much as I lack sleep and I am always tired – this shit is music to my ears – the song that moves me – the dance that makes me. MOVE – I move – I stop – I move – I move to make ends meet. I don’t need to hustle as much as I am right now, but right now I’m pressing play and don’t know how to stop this now. NOW I know – this is what makes me happy – this is complicated – but I accept my fate – I accept that this is me…I am…this is my senior year.

I look around at the world around me – some things will never change. But change is good – change is happening – I am preparing for the biggest change of my life. CLICK!

“Welcome to LIFE”

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