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October 13, 2009

iljb#55: It kinda feels like Rocky Road

I ate some really good rocky road ice cream last night, I mean REALLY GOOD. Even though the marshmallows weren’t the actual marshes, but rather a whip of marsh, it was still REALLY good. Haagedaz ice cream is BOMB! Speaking of which, support them because bees are getting extinct.

So conversely, what doesn’t feel good is the wet socks that I had this morning! UGH…it is like super typhoon up in this piece. I’m like FO-REAL? It is pretty intense. I saw a tree just break before my eyes. I was like WOW haha.

So why is sex taboo? I mean really, why can’t we just freely talk about sex because shit we all are bound to hit it one of these days…at least ONCE in our lives. I guess its because society has made it be a taboo. Thats the reason we got so many folks having babies and their parents not knowing cause its not a subject to be talked about… culturally too…

Anyway…sex is like rocky road…it feels and taste good especially when you eat the nuts =]