iljb#53 1/2: Still at the Annex

I feel so fucking amazing right now! DAMN RIGHT this is what college is about! lol fuck, I have one more major thing to do before the night is done and that is to write my damn paper for ethnic studies. The only reason why I’m so hesitant in finishing it is because that paper is all over the place. FUCK lol haha no joke. ITS HEKKA LATE too, oh well…I guess it’ll have to do. I hope Angela grades my paper again lol =] Anyway, I’m sitting here in the annex looking at my amazing list of things to do tonight and WALA I do it again folks – I accomplish the fucking uncomplishable…LOL thats not even a word nor does it make sense – I’m just fucking stoked. WHO DOES THAT? I DO THAT! I’m so proud of myself. I am so proud of the type of work I can do when I put my mind to it. However, I do have a lot of catching up to do, I know that I can do it considering I have SUNDAY off this weekend =], I am thankful because I can go to church finally. Tomorrow I will be able to go home to see my family and then get some grub =] YEE.

LET us just look at my life for a second and where I stand.

Life started off with 21 units and I still continue to maintain that. However, it is VERY difficult because most of these course make my brain hurt. ALL this critical analyzing shit…fuck its like FOREAL? lol…

Then you got your PACE, Project Connect, AAS GRAD, FilGrad – FUCKKK…ahha I knew I wanted to get involved…but damn…this involved? LOL

Then you got my job…fuck…no more two jobs anymore…fucking can only handle one! AHHHHH

Then you got my boy Daniel =] hehe something I don’t need to worry about because he is on the friggin same level as me. BUSY, but able to take care of business, have fun, and do something good =].

LIFE…like I mentioned earlier is spent either on campus, at work, or in the annex – with the exception of Mondays BBC and occasional kick its with Danny =]. I haven’t used my phone to chat it up with other folks other than the folks I already chat up – I feel so lightweight disconnected to the WORLD bc I am so busy…which reminds me…

I am made for this shit…I am built to do this shit! I GOT THIS SHIT! =]

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