iljb#53: It only gets HARDER

And I ain’t talking about dick, however true that statement might be. It only gets harder after life throws you curve balls when you dont need to be thrown any more balls in your face…LOL

It only gets harder, especially after you accept 21 units and find that most of your major classes ask you to critically think about the world in away that is progressive and acculturated. AND SERIOUSLY, whoever says being an AAS major is EASY obviously didn’t work hard to grasps the concepts. FUCK THAT, SHIT IS HARD WORK!!!!

It only gets harder when things are slowly going into place. I have never been so motivated, so content, so … energized about LIFE in a long time…it feels good. I got my school grind on – learning hella shit, working hard to get involved with EVERYTHING and anything and feeling useful, getting my grind on at work and quitting Jamba, loving my life with family, and YES having a relationship to add on to this ruckus! haha..fml…that is a fml statement…

It only gets harder because I’m pushing myself too hard to do what I know I can do…I just need to sleep first lol. BLOGGING might seem like I’m procrastinating, but when in fact it is just getting me started with my hw. THIS LIFE…what did I get myself into this semester?

I can disagree and be okay with it. I have learned patience. I have learned that everything happens for a reason. FRIENDS DO come and GO, but they stick when you’ve been glued together for so long. LIFE HAPPENS, but never stops.

It only gets harder when I don’t believe in myself.

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