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September 22, 2009

iljb#51: Will Be Loved

When I think about LOVE, I think about the many people who have fallen out of love. The many people who don’t believe it exist and if it does, the fallacies that has been attached to it. For many people love is but a feeling, for others its their life, but for the rest of us…love is…still a question.

A question that we are all still tackling. A question in which we tackle with one another. This question about LOVE, is like tackling the question of the meaning of Life…which by the way I have my personal answer to that (thats another blog btw).

LOVE…we give up on you too easily because you have disappointed us so many times. Love you expect us to believe you time and time again, but all we end up feeling is hurt or loss. Love…there are times where you have shared stories with us, good and bad, but love…you are sometimes to complex for me to understand.

I don’t think giving up on love is an option anymore. If giving up on love means life experiences over and over, I’ll take it. I rather be loved for a min, than never at all (wow thats pretty bold for me to say huh…haha quote that shit). Just like the quote above, I can’t give up…cause the one for me isn’t giving up on me so why should I?

LOVE. ❤ Its never less than what it is.