random type.

i just want to type and this type of type is something that i write. im too preoccupied with things that are on my mind and i just keep on writing. i continue to write because it is my therapy. this remedy that helps me clear my thoughts and helps me move into a better state of mind. this sf state of mind has been helping me shape my future. my future is so bright its blinding. i believe that i learned more these past three months than i ever did in my whole life. this type, this type of feeling, emotion, this type of…i feel this type. i continue to write because it helps me. i think about today and how productive i am. my mom would be proud knowing that her son was on the grind and was doing too much, but still on point. on a saturday i spend at a library. in front of papers, pens, and this screen. i continue to make this place a home far away from home. no longer a freshman, no longer fresh out of the game, but alumnus, alumni, i know this better than i know most things. i am a better, brighter individual who continues to rock that beat, who continues to make sure that what i create today, is the creation of my future tomorrow. i love the way i do this, that, i listen to the beat of my heart. its crazy that when i got here, there was plenty, but now i look at a few, i just continue my work…i only have to get through this math problem. but thats my problem…i hate math. but i know if i add him to the picture i get an equation so right, that it boggles my mind. i write, i type, im ready to go and do my homework. finish what i started. here i go. here i am world.

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