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July 10, 2009

iljb#34: A New Age Approaching…

I know birthdays are supposed to be celebrated and is supposed to be a wonderful day, but this year…23 really scares me.

Its a new age and its definitely a defining age that makes me realize how OLD I have become. How much I’ve endured these past 23 years. It truly is something to be amazed about, but at the same time reminiscent nonetheless. Aside from Eric, I am the second eldest in our group of friends…ITS fucking crazy! 23 is nothing near 18 nor is it 21…but 23!!! THATS like OLD. haha I know, I know…I’m making it sound bigger than it is, but to be honest…IT IS A BIG NUMBER.

A new age is approaching, which means I have a lot of choices to make this upcoming year. One big decision I must make is my future. EDUCATION. As much as I’ve been drilled to focus on EDUCATION and what not, I’m nearing the end and it isn’t until now that I’ve recently thought about it. MY future? Whats that…what does it look like with Asian American Studies as my degree. Recently, I also began to use MonsterTrak to help me search for various job opportunities. I’m waiting on Patelco…hopefully tomorrow I’ll get a acceptance call…but if not, I already am ready for another set back. SIGH. However, it seemed such a waste for me to spend so much time speaking with the manager and HR. BLAH. But as I was saying, I’ve never been this driven to find a career and a legit job than ever. NO MORE JAMBA PLEASE! Or at least…please give me another job along with it.

Like I said in my previous blog, these two are just the big focus in my life right now. As far as relationships…well if they come, they come…if they don’t shit I ain’t tripping to much. But I have one more month to figure my shit out before I enter SPRING semester. SHIT…its gonna be amazingly busy this year…finances will be important…must remember to use my money sparingly.

With this new age…I hope brings wisdom and change…for the better.