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July 2, 2009

iljb#32: Setbacks

This whole week has just been a setback for me in many ways. For starters, I didn’t get a call back yet from Best Buy, which leaves me to believe I didn’t get the job. However, I will be calling to see if that is the case tomorrow. Another happens to be my lack of PEACEFUL day offs. I’ve just been trying to chill these past times that I’ve had a day off and it has just been a somewhat fail. If you have a day off…don’t you think that you should have the day off rather than feel like your working? Lastly, just this financial burden…which isn’t too bad considering I only have a few days left until Tuesday! YAY. But still, its still tough. But I am happy to say, guys are not in my troubles this week. I am fine without having them in my life right now…too caught up in me, myself, and I.

Setbacks…I guess its just something that I’m not used to. I’m gonna go to bed now -___- lol