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June 27, 2009

iljb#31: Dealing with myself

I guess I was upset that someone called me a “Whore” last night after passing by me and gave me a stare like he knew me! BETCH. You don’t. Its one of Jhordans friends. I don’t give a fuck if you think that anymore, cause honestly I’m 22, thats young, okay. So I’m gonna live my life and have fun. I was so surprised that I was hit on by two guys last night. They had balls to say wassup which was nice because shit, I didn’t think I still had it in me. Then again I was way too drunk and apparently one of the guys said “You looked mean.” LOL I guess. But the fact of the matter is. I gave them the time of day because it was nice for a change that someone was trying to get at me with their swagger! YA feel me? DAMNNNN. It felt good for a change, so for all yal who saw me “make out” with that dude. Honestly, I kept on pushing him away saying “You don’t even know me.” and he kept saying “I’m trying to right?” LOL yeah by making out with me. However much I was drunk, I still had a lil bit control by not letting him kiss me so much. I just kept looking at him like damn, you’re sweet. lol I don’t even recall half of the night, just the random HELLOS. I guess lol FUCK…I really don’t remember. But thats ok. YEAH I’m okay with that. Its just nice getting hit on for a change. I saw all my exes and I tried not to make eye contact, but I did say wassup to Patrick and when I think about it now, the fuck was I doing saying hi? LOL For a long time, I was honestly by myself with some dude or just walking around -____- fucking shit. LOL Then I was talking to Sam last night on the phone and I guess I was giving attitude or what not and he claims he doesn’t understand what happened to us? I’m like alright coo…why the fuck are we talking…I dunno it was weird…the conversation itself. I was just like damn I am way tooo fucked up to be having this. Overall, I didn’t quite enjoy fuz that much, however, it was what it was and it was nice to get hit on, even if they were strangers lol. Nice strangers right? LOL

So I gotta accept the fact that YEAH, I am 22 and I’m young and when the hell am I gonna have this much fun again in my life? And I think thats why I’m so hard on myself because I always have to have logic in things, the fuck right? FUCK that logic for this time of period, I’m just having fun single. YEAH there I said it. phew. I feel a lot better. I don’t care what folks say about it cause frankly they don’t know me and to be honest, I WAS FUCKING DRUNK! lol -____- excuse me. In any case, that was my pride weekend to remember. THE END.

LOL two guys hit on me in one night LOL.